Taming the Monsters: Four Elements of Effective Feedback

Whether you’re collaborating with the writers of Pixar’s animated movie Monsters Inc. to refine the story line or giving feedback on a project to a peer at the office, you know that those are some of the trickiest workplace conversations.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team has proven that a culture that allows for effective peer-to-peer feedback is built first on a healthy level of trust. That foundation of trust ensures that feedback builds up—rather than tears down—teamwork. Emphasizing conflict and feedback as a positive force that leads to better ideas also lessens the worry about team members personalizing feedback and stunting team development. And being aware of other people’s styles and preferences can help make those feedback conversations go more smoothly, leading to a stronger, more productive and highly effective team.

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Gwen Voelpel

Gwen Voelpel has 20 years of experience in coaching and mentoring leaders at all levels of organizations. She has an undergraduate degree in communications, a graduate degree in public administration, and has served as an executive leader in several organizations. Gwen is an accredited Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator and a Certified Master in Training for The Leadership Challenge.