Leadership Teams Are Team #1

How to recognize your top team to improve workplace culture Every member of the leadership team is an expert. They know their lines of business. They hire and develop their work teams. They inspire their people to greater and greater personal and professional accomplishments. And they fail, time and time again. Why is the leadership…

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The Power of Clarity

When I work with clients on managing changes to their processes and cultures, I more often than not run into some of the same issues over and over again. One of those is issues has to do with the lack of clarity they create around roles. Even when people are aligned around a goal or…

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How to Boost Employee Morale: What’s a Manager to Do?

7 runners engaged in a team huddle, with arms extended and hands stacked in the middle — a suggestion for how to boost employee morale.

When we talk about how to boost employee morale, it’s critical to understand what actually we mean by morale. It’s difficult to improve what we cannot clearly define. Morale doesn’t perfectly equate to motivation, but to a much broader and sweeping attitude about the work we do. The first thing that’s important to understand is…

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6 Ways to Improve Team Effectiveness and Performance

Teacher helping a young student with an assignment on the computer, possibly learning ways to improve team effectiveness.

If you’re a leader in your organization, you likely spend a lot of time trying to come up with or implement ways to improve team performance or team effectiveness. Team improvement ideas abound, but we think we have some valuable suggestions based on proven tools such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and…

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The Performance Management Process

A solid performance management process leads to improved results and happier employees, just like the employees pictured here celebrating a win.

For any organization to achieve its stated goals, a clear performance management process is vital. However, it’s a process that’s rarely understood, and it’s often applied in a way that fails to produce its intended results — the high level of employee performance that is so important to an organization’s success. In fact, a survey…

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Nonprofit Leadership Development Under Tough Conditions — The Continuing Story of the San Diego Humane Society and Integris

Our work with the San Diego Humane Society has lead to powerful nonprofit leadership development opportunities, opportunities that help animals and people alike, like the woman and her cut hugging pictured here.

Integris is proud to be engaged in a purpose-driven, organizational development project that has partnered us with the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), a nonprofit organization with a 100-year history that is undergoing a profound change. This is our second blog post describing this incredible, ongoing, evolving partnership. It’s something that has allowed us to…

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7 Ways to Make Great Team Decisions (Plus 1 You May Want to Avoid)

Making team decisions that involve the group and lead to excellent results can be tough, but the woman pictured, pointing to some ideas and showing her colleague what she thinks, understands why decision making is so crucial to success.

Making team decisions with buy-in from every team member (even if they disagreed initially) is difficult in the best of times — and impossible in a team that lacks trust. If you’ve reached the third level of the the pyramid of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, your team has the beginnings of a foundation…

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Communicating with the C (Conscientiousness) Personality Style

Yellow Flower Petals

They get it done right! If you need someone to double check your work, to ensure that every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed, look no further than your colleague who is a C or Conscientiousness style on the Everything DiSC Workplace® model. That includes those who have secondary styles such as CS and…

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Communicating with the S (Steadiness) Personality Style

Blue Net

They keep the peace! The meeting is getting tense. People are talking over each other. And then someone calls a time-out and says, “can we just step back for a minute? I think we have some common ground we’re missing.” Chances are that person will be an S (for Steadiness) on the Everything DiSC Workplace®…

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Communicating with an i (influence) Personality Style

Red Tiles

i Styles Keep it Lively! People communicate differently based on their styles and preferences. And taking the Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment is an important first step to help you better understand why you find you really click with some teammates while you have to work harder to connect with others. For example, consider the lively i…

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