Praise for the Integris Team

"Gifted, Trusted and Highly Respected"

King County's Finance and Business Operations Division initially hired Integris in mid-2013 to help us develop an 18 month road map for our Lean journey. Integris helped us develop a practical strategic approach for our Lean journey and their consultants excel at providing advice, coaching, and expertise. They understand how important it is for leadership in an organization to own strategy deployment and change management and the consultant’s role is in support of leadership, not a substitute for leadership. They also understand that each organization is unique and they offer insights and recommendations that are tailored to our needs. Since our initial engagement with Integris, we have amended our contract several times to build on the successive phases of our Lean journey. The Integris team has always been willing to tailor their scope, deliverables, schedule, and budget to fully meet our needs. It is very evident that the Integris team is passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do. They have energized and provided fuel for our Lean journey. We view them as our gifted, trusted and highly respected partners in continuous improvement.

Ken Guy

Finance Director, King County

"Innate Ability to Guide"

From my direct experience, Integris Performance Advisors, are fantastic consultants, especially in the arena of resolving conflict and communication issues.  When I engaged them over 2 years ago to work with a variety of our teams, they systemically provided extensive and expert consultation to our agency.  As a direct result of their consultancy, our management and line staff have greatly improved their ability to resolve conflicts and communicate effectively.

Gwen is awesome.  She has an innate ability to guide employees through communication and trust barriers.  She is an expert in adjusting to various styles and personalities and getting people to participate and work together.

If you select Integris Performance Advisors, you will:  1) receive more than the value of the cost of what you are paying for, 2) receive expert and proven tools, techniques, and methods to put into action to achieve cohesive teams and higher productivity, 3) employees who are better equipped and more effective in performing their work.

Fred Wade

Director, Office of Performance and Accountability, Washington Department of Licensing

"Valued Partner and Sounding Board"

The Integris team builds relationships based on trust. They have always been more interested in serving our needs than in “winning the gig” (I find this can be a rare quality in consultants). I have really appreciated their advice and support; they are a valued partner and sounding board.

Kimberly Kochurka

Director of Human Resources, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

"Interesting and Insightful"

Our organization partnered with Integris on the delivery of The Leadership Challenge training. Beginning with our initial interactions with Brett Cooper in formalizing our need and continuing with Gwen Voelpel and Dan Schwab during the The Leadership Challenge preparation and delivery we found their knowledge, professionalism and flexibility to be at a high caliber. Brett made himself readily available to us in the early discussions to help and guide us in defining a delivery approach that would fit our organization and maximize the experience for our participants. His attitude of doing what was best for us was  an on-going theme throughout our discussions. The effort continued with Gwen and Dan during the detailed planning of our event. Both were readily available for multiple discussions and offered insightful ideas based on their experience. Perhaps most importantly, they asked lots of questions and were very open to our input during the planning process. During the delivery Gwen and Dan displayed a depth of understanding that enabled them to present explanations of the Five Practices very clearly and concisely. Both wove interesting and insightful stories into their explanations to illustrate concepts.

Rich Abreu

Senior Training and Development Specialist, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

"Off the Charts Increased Productivity"

I have had the pleasure of participating in two Integris sponsored events; one Kaizen event and the Integris Leadership Challenge. Both were extremely beneficial for my team and for my own personal leadership growth.

The Kaizen event has yielded a 30% increase in collected revenue and off the charts increased productivity. The Leadership Challenge has shown me where my weaknesses and strengths lie, and have given me the ability to focus on things that I can improve. It’s made me a better leader. Evans Kerrigan and his team are excellent instructors and have helped our organization see through lean lenses. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this program.

Wendy Bingham

Arizona Department of Revenue Leadership

"Amazingly Beneficial"

Our partnership with Integris has been amazingly beneficial to our organization. From Lean Six Sigma to The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams to The Leadership Challenge, you and your team have helped our leadership grow and our organization become stronger. Integris has been our "go-to" partner for more than 6 years. Here's to many more years to come!

Robin Dunn

Sr. Employee Development Advisor, Southern California Gas Company

"110% Positive Experience"

San Diego Humane Society has been working with Brett and Integris for more than a year and it's been a 110% positive experience. We have nearly 600 staff and Brett's commitment to our organization is nothing short of astonishing. We're lucky to have sent senior staff a year and a half ago, and developed a partnership that I rarely see. I give Integris, and Brett, my highest recommendation possible.

Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA

President, San Diego Humane Society

"Recommend Integris for Anyone"

Integris did a great job leading The Leadership Challenge Workshop and Facilitator training last week in Laguna Beach, CA. It was pleasure to spend 4 days with Brett, Evans and Dan, and I learned a lot from them about The Leadership Challenge. I am excited about applying what I learned during the training. I recommend Integris for anyone considering The Leadership Challenge for their organization.

Mike Mitchell

Special Assistant County Attorney

"Top Notch in Their Field"

I have not only retained dozens of management consultants over the past 25 years – I, myself, was a management consultant for 7–years. I can unequivocally state, that Integris Performance Advisors are top notch in their field. They have a breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and abilities that is very impressive and serves their clients very well. Integris was instrumental in supporting my Division in establishing profound and long lasting leadership practices and behaviors, as well as partnering with my leadership team in defining critical vision and alignment across the division and facilitated building a long term road map for success.

The hallmark of a professional consultant is:
a) Would you recommend them? = Yes, I would definitely recommend Integris, and
b) Would you retain them again? = Yes, I would most definitely I would retain Integris again

Norm Alberg

Division Director, King County Records and Licensing Services

"Thought Provoking Experience"

Brett and his team of experts provide a thought provoking experience in a collaborative team setting. I recently had the opportunity to meet the team and take a deeper dive into The Leadership Challenge. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking increase their knowledge of how to lead teams or how to develop leaders.

Foster Exposé, Jr, Ph.D., CPDC, CBBC, CM

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach

"Expert Guide"

I have been a trainer and facilitator throughout my career, and I was very impressed with the skills Integris displayed in involving all activity participants.  They bring a broad perspective to the conversation – using examples from both private and public sectors to highlight where others have gone, and open our minds to ‘the possibilities’.  Gwen's experience in government has enabled her to connect with the City staff effectively.  She understands the constraints of public sector, yet also understands how to help us challenge those constraints productively and effectively.

I value Gwen as an expert guide in organizational development and growth, continuous improvement, and true leadership.

Katherine Moriarty

IT Manager, City of Shoreline

"Made it Come Alive"

I recently had the pleasure of working with the team from Integris for a leadership management retreat. It was by far the best workshop I've participated in throughout my professional career. It took theoretical concepts that traditional leadership trainings provide and made it come alive! It was an interactive, fully engaging two days, that was well worth the time away from the office! I immediately put into practice everything I learned. Thank you Integris for a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with your group in the future.

Tanisha Bradfield

Director Financial Aid, Orange Coast College

"Amazing Experience and Remarkable Gift"

WOW - what an amazing experience and remarkable gift!

On behalf of our leadership team who attended the Leadership Challenge for Nonprofit Leaders in June, thank you for reaching out to San Diego Humane Society and offering this incredible opportunity to stretch our minds and hearts through your colleague’s generosity. It was astonishing to learn your team donated their time to coach us and introduce us to the Leadership Practice Inventory and Leadership Challenge.

We started the day skeptical and guarded; worried this experience would result in a sales pitch. We left the day energized, inspired, and motivated to pursue leadership practices outlined throughout the seminar. Thank you for inviting us to participate in this remarkable day of learning and aspiration.

Thank you for this extraordinary experience. We will carry our lessons forward with enthusiasm and fervor.

Katherine Shenar

Chief of Staff, San Diego Humane Society

"Trusted Partner on This Journey"

The Integris team makes working together fun. At the same time, they are serious about understanding and meeting our needs as well as transferring knowledge. I've had interactions with five of the Integris team members so far, and every one of them has demonstrated deep expertise and focused consistently on helping us build an organizational culture that will deliver value to Washingtonians (our customers) for generations to come. Thanks for being a trusted partner on this journey!

Darrell Damron

Director, G2G Lean Consulting Program, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

"Strongly Recommend"

Over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure to work directly with the Integris team on a number of initiatives, from Lean Six Sigma training and project management to Leadership Development. Their latest effort related to improving Team Performance is a winner.

I had the opportunity to participate in Foundations of Cohesive Team, the 1-day session built around The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. It was a fantastic session, one that I would strongly recommend for any team that would like to take their organization's and employee's performance to the next level.

Rajiv Mehta

Business Controls Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

"Generating Enthusiasm and Alignment"

I have had the pleasure of working with Integris on multiple occasions and I continually recommend them as a resource to other agencies within my organization who would like to work on team cohesion, leadership growth, and lean or continuous improvement efforts.

Evans has amazing facilitation skills and is one of the best coaches I have worked with in my career. He has helped my teams in developing and/or updating our vision, mission, values, and goals while generating enthusiasm and alignment within our teams. He is very talented at identifying and addressing personal and organizational areas for growth. I cannot say enough great things about the work Evans has done with teams I have been a part of. Evans has also facilitated The Leadership Challenge, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, as well as Lean and Continuous Improvement efforts that have led to increased performance within our organization.

Chauntelle Hellner

Deputy Director, King County Business Resource Center

"Meaningful and Productive"

We contracted with Integris to facilitate a meaningful and productive two day leadership retreat for our 40 managers ranging from the college President to recently promoted first line managers.

We went with Integris due in large part to the research backed leadership related content from Posner and Kouzes. In addition to learning more about the "5 practices" and behaviors of effective leaders, we used the Everything DiSC to increase self awareness and learn about our colleagues' personalities and preferred behavioral styles. The materials we can use to follow up and explore with Everything DiSC really set Integris' approach apart from other leadership workshops. The facilitators also spent some time giving us an overview on LEAN/process improvement. These three discreet areas are such powerful content we could have used a full day or two to take a deeper dive in them. The material is relevant to leaders in any organization (public, private, large or small).

Denise Leat, IPMA-CP

Human Resources Manager, Orange Coast College

"Job Well Done"

I have worked with the Integris team to provide our organization a pragmatic approach to learning and exploiting lean six sigma best practices to help us solve the right business problems. They were easy to work with, were flexible on best approach for our organization, and simply delivered results. Job well done.

Stewart Carroll

Manager IT Business Alignment, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

"Energy that is Contagious"

The Mastering Team Leadership with the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team two-day training was informative and fun. Our entire management team attended which allowed us to start the discussion about our communication styles and how we can better communicate with each other. The information was relevant and the exercises were engaging and inclusive of all styles. Gwen is a fantastic instructor who has great energy that is contagious! We are actively pursuing ways to incorporate what we learned so we can continually improve our communications, with each other and our staff. I highly recommend this training, even as a refresher. What you learn is applicable in all facets of life.

Karen Yandle

Deputy Chief Information Officer, Washington State Department of Corrections

"Investing the Time to Understand"

Integris was a key resource and advisor who helped us launch a successful Lean Six Sigma program through stakeholder engagement and concept training. We drove the results we had set in the timeframes we required. They continued to stay connected and found other ways to increase the effectiveness of our program over the years by investing the time to understand our business.

Sean Anderson

Innovative Sales and Client Relationship Leader

"Deep Knowledge"

I worked with Integris on an engagement to provide leadership development and introduce Lean concepts into the central shared services agency for Oregon State Government. Brett Cooper and Tracy O'Rourke were a pleasure to work with. They had deep knowledge of the subject area and delivered our project successfully on time and budget. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Sarah Gates

Analytics Advisor

"Productive and Effective Solutions"

Brett has an uncanny ability to put clients at ease and let them know they're in the right hands. Not only is he highly skilled at listening and analyzing clients' needs, he comes to productive and effective solutions with them. From hands-on training, to strategic organizational development, to navigating the challenges of change management, he is fun, professional, and efficient.

Cailin Beaver

Executive Assistant II, Amazon

"New Ways of Thinking"

Evans is very personable and worked well with both the front line staff and the leadership here at the Medical Center. He tirelessly helped us to create a dynamic Strategic Plan that was thoughtful and informative. He utilized his extensive knowledge and background but also allowed us to shape our own thoughts and ideas, thus teaching new ways of thinking. Other work Integris has completed at our Medical Center included Lean training, Leadership training, and Green Belt Training. Evans helped us to complete two Green Belt Projects. I would not hesitate to recommend Integris and hire them again.

Jessica Hill

Management and Program Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs

"Articulate, Knowledgeable, Insightful"

I found Brett and the consultants he worked with to always be articulate, knowledgeable, insightful, practical and highly professional, as they helped facilitate our efforts to improve processes and promote a new management measurement approach in my department. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Brett again - his seasoned, holistic philosophy and customer-focused approach to business are valuable additions to any endeavor.

David Minder

Associate Director Process Management, First Command Financial Services

"Specific Expertise"

The approach that Brett and his firm, Integris, take with consulting is truly based on understanding the actual needs and goals of the client. They access the specific expertise needed to effectively help their client. They don't come in with a pre-packaged solution to their clients' issues.

Alex Moral

Senior Vice President

"Exceptional Energy and Enthusiasm"

Integris is the only consultant I will hire for team building and strategic planning efforts! Gwen has successfully led our team through both in the last two years. Through her competent facilitation, our team is the most cohesive it has ever been; additionally, she helped us align around our true north and establish a plan for getting there. Gwen is knowledgeable and strategic while also bringing exceptional energy and enthusiasm to her work. I especially appreciate her deep understanding of public sector work and its unique challenges!

Megan Pedersen

King County Director, Executive Office of Labor Relations

"Such a Bright Spot"

Working with Integris has been such a bright spot for me both personally and professionally. I found such joy and friendship in our times together mapping out a strategy and executing on a vision for continued greatness at SoCalGas. THANK YOU for being such fantastic partners and really helping our team look so very good to our internal clients. We've accomplished so many wonderful things together!

Chrystal Ensey

Organizational Effectiveness, Southern California Gas Company

"Truly Understand Us"

Gwen and the Integris team are the only consultants I have worked with who have made the effort to truly understand us and where we want to go with our culture. They ask questions, listen, and tailor their workshops to our particular needs, ensuring that we build on what we’ve done before with our leadership team. Gwen’s experience, both as a leader and workshop facilitator, provides her with a depth of knowledge that enables her to present in a comfortable and fun, yet meaningful way that promotes development in her audience. She has a great talent for keeping things lively, even over long days. It feels like Gwen and her team at Integris are an extension of our team and our company!

Karen Reed

Director of Communications, TaxAudit

"Greater Sense of Empowerment"

One of the most important gains from our Cohesive Team work thus far has been the ability to begin having a different kind of dialogue within our team. Understanding the personalities that make up our team has brought more balance to the voices in our conversations and greater understanding between individuals. With the actions taken to date along with the commitment and encouragement by the leadership, trust has been growing within the team whereby they are becoming more comfortable openly expressing their opinions and ideas even when they may seem juxtaposed to others. In turn this seems to be giving our team a greater sense of empowerment regarding how we best serve our customers, complete our work, and accomplish the goals we want to achieve.

Tishelle Betterman

EBS System Manager, King County Business Resource Center

"Engaging and Delightful"

I wanted to take time to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team training yesterday!  I really like how engaging the activities were and how they made you truly believe in team dynamics and how working together truly makes a difference.  I am excited to share with my team how such things as “conflict” can bring forth amazing results and learning how to embrace our differences, can actually help strengthen our team.

I was impressed how well activities flowed and the days flew by!  I wanted more time and didn’t want the conference to end! Gwen, you have truly found your calling and your personality is engaging and delightful.  You orchestrated the group activities with zest and your passion for not only teaching, but building trust with the group, was so pleasing. I will sign up for anything you are a part of in a heartbeat!  Integris continues to impress me with trainings and the fantastic people they get to join their team!

Shelli Bell

Senior Business Analyst, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

"Highly Recommend"

Integris has been a strategic advisor to the Office of Risk Management, supporting us throughout our lean transformation. Specifically they have facilitated an office-wide staff retreat, helped us refine our vision, mission, and values, lead us in exercises to confirm our goals, key initiatives and top line metrics, and presented a Leadership Challenge workshop. The Integris team has been outstanding in the sessions they have instructed, in their coaching and guidance, and during periodic check-ins. I plan to continue working with them next year, and highly recommend the individuals and work product.

Jennifer Hills

Director, King County Office of Risk Management Services

"Great Partner"

Integris has been a great partner in our transformational culture journey we have embarked on. By combining Lean Six Sigma Training with Leadership development, we’re seen a positive shift in the way staff engage with Lean Six Sigma methodology and apply it in their work areas.

Alex Ogunji

Quality Assurance Manager, LA County RR/CC

"Knowledge, Character, and Integrity"

Integris is one of those few firms gifted with the ability to talk to CEO's and customer service reps with equal ease and confidence. They can also dive deep into detail or move quickly to scan the big picture. Having known and worked with Evans on and off for 20 years, I can say he has the knowledge, character, and integrity equal to any situation I've seen him in.

Bruce Jeffrey

Executive Director, The Principle Foundation

"Performed Exceptionally Well"

Wastewater Treatment Division engaged Integris to guide and coach the division in its adoption of lean tools and practices as part of the journey of being the best run utility. Integris has performed exceptionally well as all levels of the organization in engaging future lean leaders through training, coaching and the individual mentoring required to establish a culture of continuous improvement. Though still early in our journey, significant process and cultural improvement have been established. We look forward to using the foundation provided by Integris to build a stronger organization.

Bill Wilbert

Regulatory Compliance and Land Acquisition Services Supervisor, King County Wastewater Treatment Division

"Positive, Energetic Attitude"

Integris helped to not only achieve positive change within the organization, as quantified by employee surveys, but to manage that change mid-stream. They were well attuned to striking a difficult balance between the desires of city leadership and concerns of city staff. Integris brought a positive, energetic attitude while tailoring their message to the culture of the organization. This is to say, at the request of city leadership Integris crafted their training/facilitation to be highly relatable to our employees, limiting what could have been seen as intimidating vernacular and thereby paving the way for success. Integris was indispensable in the City’s continuous improvement journey.

Todd Cutts

Former City Manager, City of SeaTac

"Valued Guides and Coaches"

Our experience with Integris has been transformative and has helped to create a high level of employee engagement within the Business Resource Center.

I highly recommend both Evans Kerrigan and Tracy O’Rourke. I have worked with both consultants over the last two and a half years as I embarked on the journey to build a healthy lean organization. They have supported both myself, my managers and my entire team building leadership awareness and competency, creating a unified and collaborative team culture and teaching us how to fish as we transform into an organization that walks the talk and models continuous improvement, customer focus and alignment with strategic objectives. They have also been there along the way as valued guides and coaches since building a healthy organization in not a one time affair - the effort continues on a daily basis.

If I could do anything differently, it would be to increase the pace of change but I have operational constraints outside of my control that take priority.

Carmel Call

Director, King County Business Resource Center

"Passion, Expertise, and a Clear Ability"

The team at Integris are talented professionals that bring passion, expertise, and a clear ability-to-execute to their clients. Always looking out for the best-interests of their clients, Integris has been able to translate "change management" into clear roadmaps and methods that have been able to improve the way companies operate, streamline execution, and facilitate profitable growth.

Steve Bernstein

Principal, Waypoint Group

"Pleasure to Work With"

Integris is one of the best consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. They were able to apply their invaluable skill set to the problem of re-entry from the Arizona Department of Corrections in hopes of reducing prison recidivism. Through Evans' work and guidance, we were able to make significant achievements towards this goal. Staff from numerous agencies enjoyed working with him, expressed gratitude for learning new skills, and most importantly: we helped hundreds of Arizonans to be more successful as they left prison and returned to society. I would highly recommend Integris!

Ben Henderson

Sr. Budget and Management Analyst, Arizona Department of Corrections

"Flexible, Responsive, Energetic, and Fun"

The team at Integris has been an effective and efficient partner in developing and deploying leadership development efforts across the company. They have proven to be flexible, responsive, energetic, and fun through all the typical ups and downs of large-scale deployments. We currently have projects in queue with them and I would not hesitate to work with them on new projects in the future.

Donna Winfrey

Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Southern California Gas

"Extremely Patient"

DCAMM has worked with Integris for a little more than two years now. It provided DCAMM with advice on our LEAN Six Sigma initiative. Integris’ major contribution to DCAMM has been facilitating and providing “The Leadership Challenge (including 360 performance reviews)” to nearly 80 Managers/Supervisors. We have come to know with group of 80 Managers/Supervisors as “People Leaders.” With the change in administrations within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this has not been an easy task. Integris team members - including Evans Kerrigan and Amy Dunn - have been extremely patient with us during this change as well as continued to provide us with important insights as we determined how to apply the fruits of The Leadership Challenge to certain initiatives at DCAMM.

James Henderson

State of Massachusetts, Division of Capital Asset Management