SIPOC Template

SIPOC template
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What is a SIPOC?

A SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers) is a high-level view of a process that is helpful when framing process improvement efforts to retain focus on the customer and the ultimate output of a process.

  • Supplier– Person/organization that provides input to a process.
  • Input– Resources that is added to a process by a supplier.
  • Process– Series of steps where an input converts to an output.
  • Output– Resource that is the result of a process.
  • Customer– Person/organization that receives products or services.

The process portion of a SIPOC is usually limited to between five and seven steps. As teams begin to dig into a process improvement project, they will create more detailed process maps or flowcharts for the step in the process they want to address—the one with the most impactful of the eight wastes.

A SIPOC is often used to populate the Current Conditions section of an A3 Problem Solving Tool.

This simple template includes:

  • Space for each element of a SIPOC and an example of how it would be completed for a small restaurant.
  • Space to capture customer requirements—the needs and expectations of the customer of a process—to ensure that any improvements do not adversely affect customers.

Download the SIPOC template.