Why is The Leadership Challenge the best leadership development program for me?

Because effective leaders = engaged employees

Research shows that employees cite their relationship with their leaders—especially their direct manager or supervisor—as one of the most important contributing factors to their own level of effectiveness and engagement at work. Studies also clearly confirm that employing research-based practices and a time-tested framework for developing leaders, from the front line to the C-Suite, is essential for a healthy and productive organizational culture to flourish.

Engaging leaders at every level—making leadership everyone’s business—develops a deep bench of top quality leaders who speak the same language of leadership, who support and encourage each other to do their best. Together, this cadre of exceptional leaders makes a profound impact on engagement and results, and on sustaining the kind of open and caring workplace that allows every employee to deliver exemplary service to stakeholders, customers, and to each other.

Look to this leadership development framework that has stood the test of time and the scrutiny of three decades of research and practice

From healthcare to government, academia to high-tech, New York to New Zealand, The Leadership Challenge® leadership development program has proven to be the world’s most trusted source for becoming a better leader. There’s more that that. The Leadership Challenge has…

  • Over 30 years of research
  • Hundreds of personal interviews
  • Analysis of thousands of case studies on leadership
  • More than 5 million people around the world have used the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory as the first step in their leadership journey
  • Data from 400,000+ new LPI survey responses
  • Over 2.5 million worldwide readers of the best-selling classic, The Leadership Challenge, by authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Ongoing research also continually examines the statistical reliability of the LPI and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model it measures and confirms again and again that the more frequently leaders are seen using The Five Practices the more employees are engaged.

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10 more positive contributions you can make to your organization using The Leadership Challenge program

In addition to improved employee engagement, successful leaders encourage, inspire, and motivate everyone around them on the group’s shared journey to:

  • Create higher-performing teams
  • Generate increased sales and customer satisfaction levels
  • Foster renewed loyalty and greater organizational commitment
  • Enhance motivation and the willingness to work hard
  • More successfully represent their teams to upper management
  • Promote high degrees of involvement in schools
  • Increase fundraising results and expand gift-giving levels
  • Extend the range of their agency’s services
  • Reduce absenteeism, turnover, and dropout rates
  • Positively influence recruitment rates

Leaders emerge, grow, and succeed in organizations with a rich culture of leadership. And by transforming abstract concepts of leadership into understandable and easily learnable Practices, the full complement of The Leadership Challenge resources—books, assessments, workshops, training, and other tools—is available to support your organization in developing strong and effective leaders across your enterprise.

When you want more effective leaders and improve your culture, look to The Leadership Challenge.

Learn more about The Five Practices and how they can provide you with a clear, evidence-based path to become the best leader you can be. Download a sample LPI 360 Individual feedback report today.



Samantha Kerrigan