Everything DiSC® Workplace Sample Report

Download the Everything DiSC®Workplace Sample Report

Build More Effective Relationships at Work.

Everything DiSC® is one of the most widely-used assessments in the world, with over 45 million users in 75 countries. Based on noted physiological psychologist and author William Marston’s 1928 groundbreaking work in the area of personality theory, the powerful DiSC® framework and tools have been rigorously researched for over four decades. Today, Everything DiSC®solutions provide rich and versatile learning opportunities to help people understand themselves and others.

The Everything DiSC®Workplace profile can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role.

You’ll get in-depth tips, strategies, insights into your style, and action plans to help you become more effective at work.

The result is more productive working relationships.

With Everything DiSC, you get

  • Wide-range of application-focused tools
  • Latest computerized adaptive testing
  • Extensive resources to help keep learning alive long past the initial assessment-taking or classroom experience.

While there are many theories of personality and dozens of models in the marketplace that assess—to varying degrees of accuracy and usefulness—an individual’s specific style and behavioral preferences, Everything DiSC®stands apart for its simplicity and memorability.

Simple—but not simplistic! 

  • A straightforward circumplex model of just four memorable profile types: D-Dominance, i-Influence, S-Steadiness, C-Conscientiousness
  • 80 intuitively easy-to-understand assessment items
  • Conveniently available online
  • Only 15 minutes or so to complete

Ready to learn more how Everything DiSC® can help you have the crucial conversations that will build more effective work relationships and healthier workplaces? Download a sample profile to see for yourself.