Why Is It Important for Me to Get Feedback From My Team?

Effective Leaders View Feedback as a Gift

Within each of us, we have the capacity to improve, to be better tomorrow than we are today. That applies to athletes and teachers, public officials and business leaders alike. But, what sets apart those that excel is feedback—feedback that provides an opportunity to gain insight into how the world (e.g., teammates, cohorts, direct reports, bosses) sees you as a leader.

Great leadership involves listening to and evolving through both positive and negative feedback. It means actively seeking input from others to help you assess how you’re doing, the impact you’re having on those around you, and shine a light on development areas that will propel your growth and your effectiveness as a leader.

Be an Active Learner

If you want to improve your leadership performance—and make an even greater impact on your career, your team, your organization—self-reflection is your starting point. Because all leadership development is essentially self-development, the process of becoming a more effective leader begins with you. Here’s what you can do:

  • Be open to new ideas
  • Be an active listener
  • Have the courage to be vulnerable in exposing your shortcomings to others
  • Acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers
  • Understand that feedback must come from constituents you trust to be open and honest

Make it a Habit: Ask for Feedback

While self-reflection is critical to your development as an effective leader, it isn’t enough. To gain a full understanding of your current situation and your opportunities for growth, you need feedback from those around you.

The best leaders go first in creating a climate in which people trust one another enough to provide valid and useful feedback. They understand that…

  • Feedback is key to continuous learning
  • Feedback is effective listening
  • Feedback engages teams and others in collaborative efforts to improve
  • Feedback sets expectations for performance
  • Feedback builds a common language that strengthens interpersonal communication
  • Feedback encourages ownership and accountability of goal achievement and results

The best leaders are acutely self-aware because they seek feedback not only about what they’re doing well but about what they’re NOT doing well. And for more than 5 million people around the world, the LPI® 360 assessment has been the tool-of-choice to help them along their path to exemplary leadership.

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Tolu Babalola-Perales

Tolu brings 15 years of marketing, brand management and PR experience to Integris Performance Advisors. She spent 10 years of her career at a global publishing company, Wiley, overseeing the marketing strategy for HR and workplace learning products, managing publicity campaigns for NY Times bestselling authors, and building relationships with a growing network of 750 independent consultants, coaches, and trainers around the world. She continues to improve the lives of people in her community through innovative marketing programs that raise awareness, enlightening presentations, and meaningful one-on-one conversations. She currently lives in San Francisco, CA.