The Journey Continues – Resources

Extend your learning circle

Investigate any of these resources to help you increase your understanding and practice in leading others.

The Leadership Development Planner takes you on a step by step process for evaluating your LPI report and applying it’s lessons to real issues in your life and career. Use it as a work planner, diary and companion on your leadership journey.

Visit for a wealth of information on the Five Practices research, articles, links and other resources to help you plan your voyage of leadership discovery.

Click here to view robust information on the Leadership Practices Inventory®, including its design, research base and practical application.

Author Barry Posner makes a compelling case for why “You Make a Different but You Can’t Do It Alone” in this TED talk from January 2014.

Simon Sinek provides us with a fascinating perspective that animates inspiring people and successful organizations in his TED talk “Start with Why.”

Author Jim Kouzes posted the Harvard Business School graduation speech of Casey Gerald as an excellent example of how one person can Inspire a Shared Vision.  It’s well worth the 18 minute investment of your time!

Darrell Damron of Results Washington discusses efforts to reinvent state government using the Results Model and the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Definitely worth viewing this Prezi designed by Darrell as a great introduction and overview to the Results Model.


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