The Journey Continues – Learning Pod

Join your colleagues for ongoing learning!

Regular and ongoing discussion with colleagues is one of the very best ways to explore leadership and how to apply it to your everyday situation. Use any of these activities to spark a discussion, motivate others to action and inspire yourself!

Making The Most of Your Learning Pod

Establishing Ground Rules For Effective Pod

We all know that how a group functions is key to the outcomes we get. Use these guidelines to set up your learning pod for success!

Improving Your Overall Leadership Ability

Making Use of Your LPI Report

There’s no doubt that your LPI report revealed both strengths and opportunities. Use these question to bring out learning for both you and your colleagues.

Observing the Five Practices

Now that you have been exposed to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, how are you seeing them displayed around you? Initiate a discussion of where you see examples of leadership in action (or not).

Model The Way

Sharing Your Philosophy of Leadership

It all starts with the behavior we model, and this is built on a foundation of our values and beliefs. Share with you’re learning through these exercises.

Inspire a Shared Vision

Inspiring Leaders

Review three principles and explore three essential questions that organizations face on performance issues and vision.

Another Leader’s Dream

Examine and discuss Governor Inslee’s 2013 inauguration speech for descriptive ways to cast a shared vision.

Defining A Vision That Others Will Follow

Map out a unique and ideal image of the future for the common good by building a consensus through being a leader as well as a follower.

The Perfect Place

Create a common vision through imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities.

Challenge The Process

Challenge Think Tank

Listen, collaborate and learn from each other to challenge the process.

Take It One Step At A Time

Use a current leadership challenge and learn how to gain small wins and determine root cause.

Assumption Reframe

Challenge the thought process of making decisions and discovering solutions.

Enable Others to Act

Capital Team Building

Explore the advantages of a team approach when racing against the clock.

Team Think-ING

Discover the value of actively pursing shared goals.

Encourage The Heart

Thank You Card

Focus on key themes and words while providing encouragement.

Positive Bombing

Learn how to achieve a positive group mood.


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