The Journey Continues – Individual Discovery

Accelerate your own leadership development!

We know that self-directed learning is a powerful motivator. Here are many ideas you can explore as you “unleash the leader within.”

Improving your Overall Leadership Ability

Your Leadership Practices Inventory report gives you feedback on how others see you engaged in the 30 behaviors of leading. That’s a lot to pay attention to!  Use this activity to help you focus on improving just a few of your lowest-scoring behaviors

Model The Way

Writing your Credo Memo

Use this unusual activity to express your view of leadership.

Explore your Philosophy of Leadership

Express your fundamental beliefs about leading others.

Putting Values in Action

Knowing your values is important, but intentionally acting on them is essential.

Inspire a Shared Vision

Creating a Vision of Your Future as a Leader

Use this activity as one more way of planning your leadership development.

 Upward Information Flow

Track information about trends in your industry and share this information upward.

Rate Yourself

Give your own feedback on how you’re keeping others apprised on your image of the future.

 Google Says

Search the web for the outside perception on Washington state government and discover new ways to monitor trends as well as share what you have learned.

Add Passion

Look inward at how you use inspiring and passionate words when you speak about the vision of Washington state.

Challenge The Process

Job Rotation

Seek out a challenging opportunity that tests your skill and ability


Challenge yourself by identifying immediate development goals

Interview a Leader

Search outside the formal boundaries of your organization

Elevator Speech

Define why innovation and creative thinking are important

Encourage The Heart

Set Clear Standards

Clarify the value that are important to you.

Saying Thanks
Discover someone who deserves recognition.

Personalize Recognition

Explore ways to personalize recognition.


Team Integris