“I use three pennies to help me practice encouragement,” said Ravi, an Executive Financial Leader in a Leadership Challenge refresher program I was teaching last week.  “When I get into work, I set three pennies on the left side of my computer. During the day, I look for opportunities to recognize, thank, and encourage good work that people are doing around me.”

He explained, “After I encourage someone, I move a penny from the left side of my computer to the right side.  It keeps me mindful of the fact that we live in an encouragement starved world – I am just trying to do my small part to fix that – at least with my work team.”  A fellow classmate asked, “What do you do when you are not at your desk?”  Ravi replied, “I put the pennies in my left pocket and move them to my right pocket as I encourage people during the day.”  “If I get to the end of the day with pennies in my left pocket, I call my kids and friends on the way home and offer them some encouragement.”

The class agreed that this sounded simple and doable, and they liked the fact that the pennies were a tangible reminder of the need to be a positive force in the world for others around us.

What works for you?  Got a story similar to three pennies?  Please share it with us.

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Tom Pearce