The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) – Online vs. Paper Versions

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) was designed from asking leaders what they were doing when at their personal best. With that in mind, we at Integris believe in providing our clients full accessibility when taking their LPI. Assessing true leadership behaviors isn’t something that should be confined to a certain time and place. Integris offers the LPI in both an online and paper format giving our clients the ability to take it anytime, anywhere.

The Leadership Practices Inventory
Online Version

LPI Online is now available for direct purchase through the Integris Online Store. The online assessment is administered through the Wiley online assessment platform where leaders complete their self-assessment and enter observers.

Online offers full reporting features including:

  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Reports
  • LPI Individual Reports
  • LPI Group Reports
  • and LPI Re-Assessment Reports

Learn more about how you can get started engaging leaders to achieve the extraordinary. Download a sample LPI 360 Individual feedback report today.

The Leadership Practices Inventory
Paper Version

LPI Paper allows for flexibility when time or budget needs are of concern. With the Paper option, the leader completes their self-assessment in a formatted sheet provided, while the observers are given separate sheets to complete. It is the role of the administrator to compile the results and produce a report via the LPI Scoring Software (available from Integris).

Note: the report that comes via the scoring software (the Paper option) varies slightly from the Online format. This option involves an older version of the report. The publisher is currently developing a newer version with a TBD release date.

Due to its ease of use and affordability, we highly recommend selecting the Online version vs. the Paper version.

A Customer-Centric LPI Experience Currently Only Offered Through Integris

For the first time ever, the Integris Online Store gives you direct access to ordering the LPI 360 Online with the ability to choose between administering the assessment yourself (called “Self-Service”) or collaborating with our leadership team to provide you with a full-service approach.

We believe fully in the customer experience and through that we will be here to guide you throughout the entire process to ensure that no matter where or how you take the LPI, that you have the resources and tools needed to provide an assessment that will give you the greatest value. Having both options available allows the participant the ability to freely complete their assessment without any restrictions.


LPI Sample Report


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