The Leadership Challenge® Forum: Integris Breakout Session Results

Aug 15, 2013

During our Breakout Session at the annual Leadership Challenge Forum, we asked you, our participants, to answer the following question by completing an index card:

If there were no limitations, what action could be taken to BESTOW leadership to others?

We’ve reviewed the responses, which resulted in the following chart:


What does this data suggest?

Of the 49 separate ideas submitted by this group, here’s how they broke down:

  • Self: 20 ideas
  • World: 14 ideas
  • Organization: 10 ideas
  • Team: 5 ideas

As we know from Jim and Barry, exemplary leadership starts with leading oneself. As such, it is not surprising that the majority of the ideas shared are focused on actions individuals can take (Self). These results indicate that this group is self-aware and clearly understands that sustainable change begins with them.

Following Self, ideas on World have the next highest amount of focus and ideas. The attention placed on ”the greater good” is evident here, which is an excellent indicator that this group understands how we’re all connected globally. My greatest satisfaction from being part of the TLC community is this group’s ongoing interest and desire to make our world a better place.

While ideas focused on Self and World are plentiful, ideas connected to Team and Organization were fewer. This data suggests that collectively we may have a more difficult time thinking about actions that beSTOW leadership across teams and throughout organizations.

One of the key takeaways from Jim and Barry’s keynote session, besides recognizing that the guy with the worst penmanship (me) should not serve as a scribe, was that we all agree that there is an enormous opportunity to expand the presence of sound leadership practices to all levels of our organizations. If the data from our breakout session is any indication, to make meaningful progress in this area, we are all going to have to push ourselves to new realms of thinking about what is possible.

As we at Integris continue to collect data on beSTOWing leadership, we’ll share our analysis here on our blog, so please check back for updates. We look forward to sharing our insights with you to help you develop excellent leadership and expand the existence of healthy organizations and great places to work.

Detailed Responses


  1. Convince everyone in STOW (Self, Team, Organization, World) to invest time in leadership development (2-5 hours/day)
  2. Help people learn humility
  3. Be honest about quarter values and make them priorities in life
  4. Help people at every age to find their passion
  5. Create a “self” family of origin exploration to unlock what holds the “self“ back
  6. Help people learn to reflect
  7. Eliminate fear
  8. Space to be productive
  9. Focus
  10. Just do it!! Be brave and leap then. Who will do it if you don’t?
  11. Allow room for failure
  12. Communicate with TWO WAY dialogue
  13. Trust and empower. Allow leaders to lead
  14. Truly listen – stop, focus, stay curious
  15. Have everyone learn the language of “Esperanto.” This will allow individuals to communicate with less conflict, allow teams to get better at being on the same page, enable organizations to have clear descriptions of their vision, and will bring more peace to everyone in the world
  16. Ask the following – Is it good for the customer? Is it good for the company? Is it legal? Are you willing to be held accountable for this decision? If so, DO IT!
  17. Integrate our actions at all levels of STOW – Self, Team, Organization, World
  18. Connect with your community
  19. Take communication training
  20. Find new experiences that challenge your thinking


  1. Operate our organizations similar to professional sports. Use coaching within a practice framework for all members
  2. Expand coaching and mentoring to every leader at all levels
  3. Teach all leaders to be coaches


  1. Develop one-minute leadership videos. Send via email. Share one leadership principle and leave with a challenge
  2. Managers and directors have mandatory leadership challenge training in accountability
  3. “Cascading Leadership” – Graduates of leadership program are charged with teaching their teams predesigned one hour TLC modules in any way they choose. This helps reinforce learning and spreads the message. Our goal is to get everyone speaking the same language
  4. Enable non-management personnel to take the lead in various areas
  5. Send a daily email or text asking the questions, “What action/practice did you do today? Did you see someone on our team/in our organization do something worth recognizing?”
  6. Give each person in the company a chance to have a leadership experience/responsibility, even if it is a small or short one
  7. Seek opportunities for conversations about leadership and why it’s important to have a common language and understanding
  8. Promote conversations about leadership practices
  9. Start leadership training at onboarding
  10. Support learning in small groups throughout the organization. This will offer ongoing development


  1. Partner with teachers in the public school systems to engage children in their forward to years to develop leadership in the youth. To do this change or remove restrictions on teachers to “teach to the test.” Radical change, look at Martin Tan and the Singapore model
  2. Form a group of mentors and coaches to equipped the youth (especially from the have-nots) with the “courage” to leave their selves their families and their communities to build a better world
  3. Introduce the five practices to kids at an early age (pre-school even)
  4. Start/launch a young leaders program for children
  5. Help kids learn to deal with conflict
  6. Take leadership practices into schools
  7. Education for all girls and women globally
  8. Education (online, face-to-face, virtual, social media, viral) providing information technology and resources at the primary level throughout schools at all levels to give continual learning for all future leaders
  9. Teach parents how to Model The Way
  10. Have a Five Practices curriculum for families
  11. I would start with Congress and have them do a values card sort. Then ask the question – are you living your values every day and how! Then I take on the CEOs
  12. Make a rotation in my country in leadership positions, because in my country, if you become a leader you stay there until you retire or die
  13. Set minimum standards of healthcare and standard living for all. Develop a UN budget that goes only to that
  14. Take The Leadership Challenge to all political leaders throughout the world

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Team Integris