Streamlining Operations

Operational Efficiency is the Hallmark of a Healthy Organization

Being strategic about Operational Excellence enables organizations to delight customers by ensuring that requirements are fully understood and met, engage employees by making the job less frustrating and more collaborative, satisfy stakeholders/shareholders by decreasing costs and enabling the organization to accomplish more with the same amount of resources (or less!)


Lean Six Sigma

Continuous Process Improvement. Operational Excellence.

Different organizations use different terminology. Whatever you call it, the core objectives remain the same:

Reduce waste (typically associated with Lean)

Eliminates defects, errors and unwanted variation (typically associated with Six Sigma)


The Four Pillar Framework

There’s no question that the tools associated with Lean Six Sigma, CPI and Operational Excellence can help any team or organization streamline operations by reducing waste and eliminating defects. Targeted process improvement efforts are undeniably valuable to customers, employees and stakeholders alike.

But the real impact comes when an organization moves beyond “tools and projects” and incorporates the principles associated with Lean Six Sigma into the culture.

Have respect for all people

Align around common purpose

It’s always possible to do better

Customers matter

At Integris, we use the Four Pillars framework to help guide organizations on how to embrace these principles to create the healthiest culture possible.  Read more about it here.