The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Workshop [Course Description]

Want to Talk to a Human?


  • Embrace a highly effective framework that can guide your team to become more effective and efficient
  • Build new levels of trust between team members
  • Learn how to have a healthy debate about ideas so the team can gain higher levels of confidence and commitment to decisions that are made
  • Discover how to develop mechanisms that enable peers to more comfortably provide feedback and constructive criticism
  • Increase the team’s focus on shared results

What Is A High-Functioning Team, And Do You Have One?

In most organizations, nothing gets done without people working together to achieve shared goals. But far too often the very practice of teamwork can be painful. Why? Because teams give way to infighting, gossiping, and politics. High-functioning teams break this mold by dedicating time and effort to embracing a healthier set of behaviors.

The Five Behaviors™of a Cohesive Team™ Workshop guides teams through these behaviors, helping them to Trust One Another; Engage in Conflict Around Ideas; Commit to Decisions; Hold One Another Accountable, and Focus on Shared Results. This workshop is an interactive, “roll up your sleeves” session, where team members reflect on both where they are strong and on what issues get in their way. Conversations are structured around two key areas: (1) How are we doing? and (2) What can we do to improve? The result is a new appreciation of the healthy behaviors the team currently embraces along with a practical definition of the path the team should follow to reach even higher levels of performance.

Prior to the session, participants will complete The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment, where they answer questions about the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Also included in the assessment are a number of questions about each team member’s preferences. The resulting report, which is distributed during the session, contains 40-pages of customized ideas and insights that will guide the teams on a journey to achieving deeper levels of cohesion.