Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Webinar [Video]

Want to Talk to a Human?

Watch the Agile EQ Webinar with Integris President and Co-Founder Brett Cooper. During this 54 minute session Brett walks you through:

  • Some top reasons for wanting to build a more emotionally intelligent workforce
  • What Agile EQ is all about
  • An inside look at the tools now available to you
  • Options for how you can start reaping the benefits of Agile EQ



Special note: During the webinar Brett shows what’s in the Agile EQ Facilitation Kit (scripts, slides, videos and more…everything you need to facilitate a training session on your own). Whether you watch the recording right away or not, we want to highlight that the special promotion price for the Facilitation Kit – just $1,000 – is good only until the end of the month of February. (that’s a $495 discount!)

So if you are thinking you want to use Agile EQ with your team or organization, now is the time to get that Kit! Click here to order.