The Leadership Challenge® Self Empowered™ Facilitation Set

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Is The Leadership Challenge Self Empowered Right For Your Organization?

Leader Takeaways

  • An introduction to the critical behaviors, interpersonal skills, and language of leadership through The
    Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.
  • Self-awareness of how they already engage in leadership behaviors so they can begin to see themselves as leaders.
  • Translate personal insights about their behaviors into tangible actions to begin to grow as a leader.
  • Key leadership milestones so they can track their growth.

Intended Audience

  • Anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, but especially informal leaders or those beginning their leadership journey.



  • Self Empowered™ Report details the leader’s unique results.


  • Designed for in-person and virtual experiences.
  • Four hour facilitated learning experience in two 120-minute modules.
  • 15-20 learners per session.
  • Designed to be easy to facilitate for internal facilitators.

The Leadership Challenge® Self Empowered™ Facilitation Set provides you with everything you need to bring this solution to your organization and facilitate it successfully. All of the tools are designed to be used right out of the box or can be easily customized and tailored to meet your learning objectives.

The Facilitation Set Includes:

  • Fully scripted half-day facilitation guide (delivered in two 120-minute modules) for virtual and in-person classrooms, making it flexible to meet the needs of hybrid workplaces.
  • Engaging activities and videos that showcase real-world situations to bring the concepts to life.
  • Unlocked PowerPoint slides for easy customization.