Understanding Your Everything DiSC® Management Profile (Online) – LMS Hosting Option



Add Understanding Your Everything DiSC® Management Profile (Online) to your organization’s LMS (Learning Management System) and give your people access to this highly-interactive, self-directed online learning course that walks them through every aspect of their Everything DiSC® Management profile.

By adding it to your LMS, you can:

  • Use it during onboarding. Want new hires to understand the language of DiSC but don’t have the chance to put them into a workshop? Everything DiSC Management Online is your answer.
  • Use it as part of your own virtual and/or in-person learning programs. Have participants complete the course, then have them join live discussion groups to dig in deeper into what they learned.
  • Blend Everything DiSC into any other training and development program. If your organization offers courses on other topics – such as leadership, team dynamics, sales/customer service or even Lean Six Sigma process improvement – consider adding Everything DiSC Management Online as pre-work. It will give participants a solid understanding of DiSC language, enabling you to discuss how personality styles and communication preferences impact the main focus of your course.
  • Use it as a DiSC refresher. Have members of your workforce joined a DiSC workshop in the past and you want to refresh their understanding of the concepts and how to use MyEverythingDiSC.com to create Comparison Reports and Team Maps? Everything DiSC Management Online will help you do it.