Having ACCESS© Makes All The Difference!

ACCESS© puts the power of Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ in the palm of your hands. ACCESS gives you unparallelled access to the powerful assessments, tools and training materials you need to help individuals develop a better understanding of themselves and others; to support teams in being more cohesive and productive; and to make your organization the healthiest it can be.

ACCESS is available exclusively through Integris. Read below to learn more about the benefits.

Coming February 2020 - Everything DiSC® Agile EQ. Register for ACCESS now to get all the latest updates on when it will launch and how you can put it to use!

As a member of ACCESS, you can:

  • Earn a rebate credit of 10% on all ACCESS products*. Rebate credits are redeemable for future purchases of additional ACCESS products.
  • Purchase DiSC assessments at the deepest volume discounts avaialble anywhere.
  • Have your assessment takers complete the DiSC Workplace e-learning course (new for 2020, this online, self-directed course can be used to augment your internal workshops or eliminate the need for DiSC takers to attend a live training session).
  • Administer and track all your DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessments in one easy-to-use online system:
    • Organize assessments by teams, locations, departments or any other useful category using folders and sub-folders.
    • Customize the messaging your assessment takers see when they receive survey invitations with fully editable, free-form text.
  • Attend complimentary and/or discounted training programs offered by Integris, including DiSC Certification and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accreditation.
  • Join quarterly ACCESS conference calls to hear the latest trends and product development information, and be invited to participate in special beta testing opportunities (next meeting scheduled for March 13)
  • Receive biweekly ACCESS newsletters with product spotlights and tips for you to keep your internal culture going and growing
  • License a range of training courses and get everything you need to deliver workshops yourself (including customizable PPTs, scripts, agenda options, learning aides and professionally produced training videos).
  • Give all your assessment takers access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, the online portal where they can create Comparison Reports and Team Maps for free.
  • Receive dedicated support from the Integris team to help make your program as successful as possible.

Why is ACCESS so valuable? Ask existing members:


  • “With other assessment providers, we had to wait for a person to send links and pull reports. With Integris, we’re able to do it on our own. And Integris is still there to help anytime we need them!”


  • “ACCESS allows me to manage the teams going through the process easier. If I need to add or remove team members or change the reporting structure, I can manage it myself, on my own time, when it is convenient for me and/or the manager I am working with.”


  • “I love being able to set up messaging to participants ahead of time. The system sends assessment invites as scheduled and I don’t have to remember to do it.”


  • “It’s the lowest cost option for helping my organization purchase and manage DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessments and materials.”


  • “When I do have questions, I get great customer service from Integris. I get quick responses and great direction, while at the same time having the independence to manage the platform on my own. Best of both worlds!”


  • "The new e-learning course is going to allow us to give every new employee a DiSC assessment during their first week of on-boarding. We no longer have to wait to get them into an in-person workshop, which means they can start learning about our DiSC culture right away."
* A note about earning Rebate Credits: Upon account activation, you will receive a unique website URL that can be shared with colleagues and/or clients. All purchases from your unique ACCESS URL earn Rebate Credits to the ACCESS account, regardless of who actually purchases, giving you the ability to share your ACCESS page with colleagues and/or clients across your organization. Rebate Credits expire after 12 months if not used. Rebate Credits can only be redeemed through online purchases.

Links for Members

ACCESS Terms & Conditions

Use this link to find the terms and conditions for this program in case you ever want to review them.

Main IntegrisPA.com Account

Use this sign-in page to get into your IntegrisPA.com main account where you can place orders.

ACCESS Member Area

Use this area to find your custom URL to be used while ordering to make sure that your rebate credit is automatically added to your account. You can also use this area to check the status/amount of your rebate credit.

ACCESS Resource Center

Use this link to find a set of resources specifically geared towards ACCESS members to help you keep your internal programs going and growing.

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If you ever have questions about the program, please email us and we're happy to help!