Coaching with the LPI 360

The Live Program That Prepares You
To Coach Leaders Using The
Leadership Practices Inventory 360 Assessment


About the Program

The LPI® -- Leadership Practices Inventory® -- is one of the most powerful leadership development tools available. This 360-degree assessment helps leaders focus on the behaviors that really matter and are associated with higher levels of trust, stronger employee engagement, and better results! If you are a coach or leadership development professional, this instrument needs to be in your toolkit.

Built around the evidence-based leadership model developed by best-selling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, this program equips you to coach other leaders to continually improve. It is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in The Leadership Challenge:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart

This session will prepare you to help others engage in the five practices more frequently, making them the best leaders they can be!

Suggested Attendees

Professionals in leadership development, human resources, organizational development and talent management will benefit from this session, as well as management consultants and professors/educators. This session is best suited for individuals who already have some coaching experience. This is a not a "learn to coach program," rather it is a "learn to coach with the LPI" program.

Included Materials

  • Printed workshop booklet
  • LPI Action Cards
  • Book: A Coach’s Guide to Developing Exemplary Leaders
  • Two sample LPI 360 reports (for session activities)

Through LPI Coach Training you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the different ways to leverage the LPI reports to help aspiring leaders plan for their future development and effect positive change
  • Increase your personal competence in the use and delivery of the LPI
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the statistical validity and reliability of the instrument
  • Practice the coaching skills required to optimize the use of the LPI within a variety of leadership development situations
  • Earn the credential: Trained LPI® Coach


Program Prerequisites:

Prior to attending the LPI Coaching Training, all participants must:

  • Have participated in a previous The Leadership Challenge learning event and have a foundational understanding of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
  • Have completed an LPI 360 within the last year
  • Have access to The Leadership Challenge Facilitation Set
  • Have a copy of The Leadership Challenge 6th edition book

Any of these prerequisites can be purchased separately from Integris for any participant that needs them. Ask us how.

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Our LPI Coach Facilitators

Evans Kerrigan

Evans Kerrigan

CEO & Co-Founder
Amy Dunn

Amy Dunn

Performance Advisor

Dan Schwab

Performance Advisor


An Innovative Approach for
Democratizing Team & Leadership Development

You may have noticed that the per person cost of this program is lower than similar programs you see advertised elsewhere. You may be asking yourself why. Well, I can tell you it's definitely NOT that we cut corners or skimped on quality. This is the same high-quality material, presented by the same seasoned professionals, as our standard corporate programs.

What's different is our approach to hosting these events. We've partnered with local clients to select the venues and fill the class roster. As a result, we are able to this world-class development program at a fraction of the normal cost.

WANT US TO COME TO YOUR CITY? If you have a team ready to participate and you have a meeting space you are willing to open up to participants from other organizations,  contact me and let's talk about it. I'd love to continue democratizing team and leadership development by bringing this powerful program to new locations!

Here's to making an IMPACT together,



Brett Cooper

President & Co-Founder, Integris Performance Advisors

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