Leadership Tip: Do What You Say You Will Do


Follow through on the promises and commitments you make.

Today’s Tip:

Look at your current “to do” list and ask yourself: How many of these tasks are overdue? Then ask yourself: Are these really a priority for me? Are these a good use of my time? If the answer is “yes,” then find a way to get it done now. If the answer is “no,” then reexamine how things get on your to-do list in the first place.

Food for Thought:

DWYSYWD (Do What Do What You Say You Will Do) is essential to establishing credibility—the foundation of exemplary leadership. But saying “yes” to every request out of a desire to exceed expectations or to not disappoint often makes it extremely difficult—if not impossible—to keep every commitment you make. The best leaders know when to say “yes,” but also when to say “no.”

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