How to get along with coworkers who aren’t like you

Understanding personality styles is key to working better with others

It’s no surprise that some of us spend more time with colleagues at work than we do with our friends or family. So then, the better our relationships are at work, the more productive—and happier—we’ll be not only in the workplace but in every other aspect of our lives.

Whether working with a colleague, boss, direct reports, or multiple team members across a large multi-national organization, healthy relationships based on open and honest communication are key to building the kind of deep connections that make us feel both fulfilled and energized.

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Building those connections begins when we know more about who we are—what we value, what motivates us, and how we behave when we’re stressed.

It’s also important to recognize those same influencers that impact the behaviors of others.

So, ask yourself:

If you knew one teammate was extremely numbers-oriented and intently focused on the bottom line, how would you work to improve your communication and effectiveness in getting things done?

Despite your love of details, what approach would you take if you knew your boss wanted only a 30,000- foot summary of the critical project at hand in order to make a go/no-go decision?

What if your direct report has demonstrated that he clearly avoids conflict and takes criticism very personally? What approach might you take to most effectively discuss his latest performance evaluation?

How would you improve your working relationship with the one co-worker who prefers to work alone while you, in fact, thrive on collaboration?

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Why does understanding personality styles matter at work? Because knowledge is power

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Samantha Kerrigan