How Can I Keep the Everything DiSC® Learning Experience Alive? puts everything all in one place! is one of the most powerful resources you can have in your toolkit to help learners get the most out of their Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment experience. This mobile-friendly, interactive learning center helps build community among all of your DiSC® users and keeps learning alive beyond the classroom. Accessible anytime, anywhere—on a laptop or smartphone—it’s all completely free. With exclusive Everything DiSC content, participants can access their Profile, learn more about their DiSC style, create both individual and group comparison reports, build a map of people on their team, and much more.

How it works

Once learners have completed their Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and have their customized Profile report in hand, the most common question we hear is, “Now what?” They’ve begun to understand their own DiSC style and the priorities that shape their workplace experience. Their Profile report also has provided an overview of how to build stronger relationships with people with other styles. This self-awareness is the critical first-step, but the real power of DiSC is when learners take the next step to dig even deeper into their own motivators and stressors—and those of others, too. That’s where comes into play.

Setting up a personal account on is easy. In fact, we provide a simple instruction sheet to each registered DiSC user to make the activation process quick and painless. And from that point on, learners have access to a library full of great resources and tools.

MyEverythingDiSC-Learn About DiSC Flow

Tools to make learning stick!

Learn about DiSC is loaded with information—everything you ever wanted to know about Everything DiSC but didn’t know who to ask: a timeline of the landmark events that have helped shape what DiSC is today; an exploration of all 12 styles on the DiSC map; and a deep dive into DiSC theory and research, including a thorough review of the model’s scales, reliability, and validity.

My Style contains a variety of different ways learners can explore how their particular DiSC style impacts their communication and interaction with others.

For each of these areas—interactions, communication, and environmental situations—the Effort Meter indicates which priorities come more naturally and which ones might require more energy. For example, it may take a D-style team member almost no effort to create a sense of urgency—a primary priority for this style. But that same individual might unexpectedly have Accuracy as a secondary priority, putting in conflict a preference for making rapid decisions against the desire for precision and getting things done right.

How aligned are you with your DiSC style? provides a summary of learners’ surprising—and not so surprising—answers to their DiSC assessment, indicating where they are in agreement with others of their same style and where they are not.

My Style Podcast is a powerful supplement to an individual’s personalized Profile report that is jam-packed with a wealth of information. It’s like a 60-minute, one-way coaching session that explores in-depth each one of the 12 unique DiSC styles with insights into the learner’s actions, behaviors, and motivations.

My Comparisons is perhaps one of the most valuable tools on Here learners can truly begin to understand the reactions, motivations, and needs of their teammates, co-workers, direct reports, and bosses. They can invite others who have taken an Everything DiSC assessment to share their Profile results and create reports that compare their style with another individual. Check out a comparison report 

Whether they need to prepare for a meeting with a new project team or get to know a new coworker, these Individual Comparison Reports can help learners understand each other better to build healthier and more productive relationships.

With individual comparative reports in hand, learners can then build a map of people on their team. A  Group DiSC Map can add even more insight into team dynamics and how leaders can best flex their own style to work more effectively with their teammates or colleagues.


DiSC Comparison Report CTA


Comparison Reports inside help you take everything you’ve learned about yourself and apply it in the real world. Jump into a collaborative space to continue learning about your habits and preferences, while getting personalized advice on how best to work with your colleagues

Invite colleagues who have taken any Everything DiSC assessment to share their Profile results with you to create both individual and group Comparison Reports.


Evans Kerrigan

Evans Kerrigan works tirelessly in both corporate and public sectors as a dynamic business consultant, presenter, and coach. With over 30 years of experience working with multi-national organizations such as Cisco, Sun, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BP, State of Arizona and King County Washington, Evans has been at the forefront of change management--building healthy organizations and creating great places to work. His contributions to these organizations have been credited with increasing employee engagement scores, dramatic reductions in costs and improvement in efficiencies and revenue, resulting in improved operational excellence.