Grade Your Own Paper: Committing to Do More

Always having a “meeting after the meeting”?

Teams often have difficulty achieving and staying committed. If you’ve ever been to the “meeting after the meeting” where the decisions that were just made are picked apart you know what I mean.

Just ask yourself: Are you fully participating in developing your team’s commitments? Are you staying committed to a shared course of action?

Here’s a quick quiz for you

Take a quick minute and rate yourself on each question below on a scale of 1-5; 1 = Never, 5 = Always). Do you…

  • Fully participate in team meetings instead of holding back?
  • Listen openly to new ideas instead of judging right away?
  • Follow through on anything you agree to do instead of waiting to be prompted?
  • Represent your team positively to non-team members instead of gossiping?
  • Check for clarity rather than make assumptions if direction is unclear?
  • Take the initiative to do whatever needs to be done instead of avoiding eye contact when assignments are made?

Ask for help where you need it

Now think about the people in your work group. Who is the best at exhibiting the behaviors in a couple of the questions where you rate yourself weaker? Seek that person out and ask how they stay fully engaged in and committed to the team’s agreements. Chances are that your co-worker will not only agree to help, but will feel very honored to be asked. And be ready for when one of your other teammates comes to you to ask for your help.


Gwen Voelpel

Gwen Voelpel has 20 years of experience in coaching and mentoring leaders at all levels of organizations. She has an undergraduate degree in communications, a graduate degree in public administration, and has served as an executive leader in several organizations. Gwen is an accredited Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator and a Certified Master in Training for The Leadership Challenge.
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