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Solutions for Sales & Service Teams

Every interaction with your customer is a critical opportunity, a chance to either enhance and grow that relationship, or a chance for your employees to fall short of the mark.

At successful organizations, Customer Focus is at the heart of what they believe. Everyone in a customer facing position (especially service and sales) is prepared to build the best relationships possible.

All operations need to deliver value to the customer as effectively and efficiently as possible. Improving procedures so that they generate the highest levels of focus and communication often proves difficult (if not impossible) without the necessary tools.

Everything DiSC Sales helps streamline the customer interaction process. By learning their own DiSC style and how to best relate to their customers styles, your customer-facing teams will be more effective in their communications. They will be able to build deeper relationships, and your customers will feel more closely connected to your brand.

Everything DiSC® Sales Assessment

Everything DiSC® Sales teaches anyone in a customer-facing role (sales, customer service, client support) how to connect better with their customers. The most in-depth styles-based sales training solution available, Everything DiSC Sales® increases sales effectiveness using the power of DiSC.

Users learn to communicate better and improve their customer relationships by:

  • Understanding their DiSC sales style
  • Identifying and understanding their customer’s DiSC buying styles
  • Adapting their selling style to meet their customer’s needs and preferences

View a sample profile.

The Everything DiSC Sales Learning Experience

Integris provides salespeople and customer service reps with customized learning experiences using Everything DiSC® Sales, helping them successfully create customer-centric interactions that improve results.

Participants learn how to stretch to more effectively adapt to their customers’ preferences and expectations, regardless of the customer’s unique buying style.

How It Works

Customer Interaction Mapping

Here’s a quick description of how Everything DiSC® Sales helps your representatives better understand (and react to) your customers:

  1. First, think about a key customer. Consider whether this person tends to be more:
    • Fast-paced & Outspoken, OR
    • Cautions & Reflective
  2. Second, consider whether this customer also tends to be more:
    • Questioning & Skeptical, OR
    • Accepting & Warm
  3. Now, combine your customer’s tendencies to determine his or her DiSC® style.

View a sample Customer Interaction Map

Everything DiSC® Sales Facilitation Kit

The Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit provides you with everything you need to design and deliver internally-led training experiences for your sales and customer service teams. Facilitation materials include:

  • Facilition scripts and instructions
  • PowerPoint® with embedded video
  • Participant handouts

The Everything DiSC Sales® Facilitation Kit is designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Sales® Profile. Get it here.