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Breakfast Seminar Series

  • King of Prussia, PA - Aug 7
  • Newton, MA - Aug 8

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Sessions run 9:00 to 11:00 am (unless otherwise noted)



Unlock the potential of your people and the power of your culture with Everything DiSC®

The workplace is changing at a fast pace, and the impact on people and organizations is dramatic. Everything DiSC – The Culture Catalyst™ is an exciting live event where we will explore the value of interpersonal skills and how they can empower people to be more productive and solve critical problems currently facing organizations.

During this event, we’ll highlight the power of Everything DiSC as a catalyst for transforming organizational culture, empowering individuals, and improving teamwork and communication throughout the workforce.

All attendees receive 2 FREE DiSC assessments (valued at over $150)

Join us to:

  • Experience how the Everything DiSC suite of tools helps increase emotional intelligence and drive more effective workplace interactions
  • Try out TWO free DiSC assessments (Workplace and your choice of Sales, Management, Productive Conflict or Work of Leaders. Valued at over $150!)
  • Get access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, the online portal that you and your colleagues can use everyday to really understand each other.
  • Network with other professionals responsible for improving workplace culture
  • Enjoy a delicious hot breakfast
  • Learn about the DiSC Workplace Certification program; the most effective way for you to bring DiSC into your organization

Agenda & Topics

  • A discussion about the changing workplace and the impact on people
  • Understanding human behavior with Everything DiSC
  • Everything DiSC in action: The suite of assessments and tools
  • Success case studies
  • Next steps: Try DiSC assessments for yourself (Workplace + one more of your choice)

Locations & Upcoming Dates

Only $20 for over $150 in value (Includes seminar, breakfast and two DiSC assessments)


All sessions run 9:00 to 11:00 am (unless otherwise noted). Breakfast served at 9:00 am.

King of Prussia, PA

Newton, MA


It is very evident that the Integris team is passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do. They have energized and provided fuel for our Lean journey. We view them as our gifted, trusted and highly respected partners in continuous improvement.

Ken Guy

Director, King County FBOD

San Diego Humane Society has been working with Integris for more than two years and it's been a 110% positive experience. Nearly of our 600 staff members have completed Foundations of Team Cohesion and the impact on our culture has been nothing short of astonishing. We're lucky to have sent senior staff to an Integris event two and a half ago, and developed a partnership that I rarely see. I give Integris my highest recommendation possible.

Gary Weitzman

President, San Diego Humane Society

I have had the pleasure to work directly with the Integris team on a number of initiatives, from Lean Six Sigma to Leadership Development. Their latest effort related to improving Team Performance is a winner. I would strongly recommend Foundations of Team Cohesion for anyone who wants to take their performance to the next level.

Rajiv Mehta

Business Controls Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

The team of experts at Integris provided thought-provoking experience in a collaborative team setting. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking to increase their knowledge of how to lead teams or develop leaders. 

Foster Exposé

The University of Alabama Health System

The Integris team makes working together fun!

Darrell Damron

Assistant Director, Washington State

It was by far the best workshop I've participated in throughout my professional career. It was an interactive, fully engaging experience that was well worth the time away from the office! I immediately put into practice everything I learned. 

Tanisha Bradfield

Director Financial Aid, Orange Coast College


An Innovative Approach for
Democratizing Team & Leadership Development


Integris is on a mission to democratize Team and Leadership Development. Why? Several reasons:

- Fewer than one out of three workers reports being engaged at work. This situation is confirmed in study after study by industry researchers like Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, Gallup and many more. While many factors impact employee engagement, the health of a person's relationships with leaders and teammates rises to the top.

- Effective teamwork and leadership relies heavily on the DiSC Emotional Intelligence of the people involved. DiSC Emotional Intelligence (or "DiSC EQ" for short) can be purposefully learned and improved with programs like these. As people become more aware of DiSC concepts, they are better able to manage their own thoughts and actions, as well as how they interact with others.

- After almost 20 years of being on the forefront of the Continuous Improvement movement (with Lean and Six Sigma), Integris knows that issues related to how teams interact and how leaders behave are what impede most process improvement efforts. Organizations simply cannot effectively address process inefficiency without addressing team and leadership inefficiency at the same time.

To achieve our mission, Integris partners with clients to find the most innovative and cost effective ways to bring these concepts to employees at every level.

Here's to making an IMPACT together,



Brett Cooper

President & Co-Founder, Integris Performance Advisors

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