Team Coaching

How Does A Team Overcome The Past And Move On To Higher Levels Of Performance?

  • Have you already started your team development efforts but aren’t sure where to go from here, stalled out on your journey?
  • Do you want to move your teams forward but need some help planning and pointing them in the right direction?
  • Do you want an ongoing, coaching partnership for your team development strategy?


Many teams can benefit from the ongoing support and direction of a team coach.  This coach will partner with you in your ongoing team development efforts to create a team coaching model that works for your teams.  We will work with you to set up team coaching with an Integris consultant who is able to provide both meaningful feedback, as well as facilitate the often difficult conversations and challenging situations that line the road to improvement and operational excellence.

Integris’ coaching team staff has worked with hundreds of teams in many different organizations, both public and private, to plan and execute a collective journey towards cohesive work and ongoing operational improvement.  Utilizing the model and structure of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, Integris coaches can be an invaluable resource to any team who wants to develop better, stronger internal relationships, thereby creating more effective ways of working together and being a cohesive unit.


“One of the most important gains from our Cohesive Team work with Integris thus far has been the ability to begin having a different kind of dialogue within our team. Understanding the personalities that make up our team has brought more balance to the voices in our conversations and greater understanding between individuals. With the actions taken to date along with the commitment and encouragement by the leadership, trust has been growing within the team whereby they are becoming more comfortable openly expressing their opinions and ideas even when they may seem juxtaposed to others. In turn this seems to be giving our team a greater sense of empowerment regarding how we best serve our customers, complete our work, and accomplish the goals we want to achieve.”

Tishelle Betterman

EBS System Manager, King County Business Resource Center