Everything DiSC® Workshop


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your DiSC® personality style
  • Explore the hidden priorities that influence your behavior at work (and at home)
  • Discover your natural reactions to people with other DiSC styles
  • Learn how to build more effective relationships using the insights you gain from DiSC®

What drives people to do what they do?

Each of us has our own personality preferences and styles. For example, some of us are extroverts while others are introverts. Some of us like to have all the information before making a decision, while others prefer to go with their gut. These differences in preferences and styles shape the relationships in our lives. To a large degree, our individual styles influence who we collaborate well with, and who we tend to have more difficulty with. But the beauty of our preferences and styles is that they are only that…preferences and styles.

The Everything DiSC® Workshop drives awareness and understanding about the various DiSC® styles. The program begins by making each participant more aware of his/her own DiSC style, including the hidden priorities that influence his/her behavior. But this is just the start, as the focus of the program is primarily about understanding our co-workers at a deeper level and using that knowledge to connect with each other more effectively. Far from the ineffective, “touchy feely” programs associated with many other personality tools, the Everything DiSC Workshop is a practical approach for improving employee communication, developing stronger relationships and creating a healthier organization.

Prior to the session, participants will complete the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment which will precisely identify their DiSC style. As an extra bonus, participants will be given access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, the online portal they can use create on-demand Comparison Reports and Team Maps with their colleagues.


One day (with shorter duration programs available)

“As an HR professional I have been through many personality types programs in my career, including MBTI, Insights, Enneagram and Social Styles. While they each have their own value, I have to say that Everything DiSC provided me with the most meaningful insights and most practical tools for connecting with my colleagues. It’s easy, cost-effective and highly accurate. What’s not to love?”