Strategic Management System


  • Create alignment around True North for your organization
  • Develop key objectives, goals and initiatives
  • Develop teamwork among the senior team
  • Build a timeline of activities across the Four Pillars of a Healthy Organization

How can we build alignment and a system to support our organization?

Drawing on the proven concepts associated with Hoshin Planning, the Balanced Scorecard, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Process Improvement, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and The Leadership Challenge®, organizations can work through Six Critical Questions and establish a management framework that establishes greater levels of alignment and accountability.

  1. Who are we and where are we going as an organization?
  2. How do we measure performance against what is important?
  3. How are we doing?
  4. How do we decide where to focus our efforts and allocate resources?
  5. What actions do we take to improve our ability to achieve our desired outcomes?
  6. How do we sustain improvements and ensure our efforts are making an impact?

The Strategic Management System helps a leadership group to identify True North, creating clarity around the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization. Leadership will identify and prioritize the key goals and measures for the organization, beginning the process of cascading these to the organization. They will also develop an eighteen month roadmap to continue moving the organization forward in the areas of Organizational Alignment, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement and Intentional Culture.


48 Hours (6 Days)