Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


  • Develop mastery of the most essential methods and tools of Lean Six Sigma.
  • Deliver results for your group by working collaboratively on a business project with Master Black Belt-level support.
  • Successfully manage a continuous improvement project to completion.
  • Learn and develop your skills at leading teams to accomplish results through better communications, planning tools and facilitating excellent meetings.

Want to learn lean six sigma and improve a process at the same time?

The Integris Green Lean Six Sigma Green Belt workshop covers key foundational skills, methods and tools of continuous improvement. It gives team members the critical knowledge needed to take a project to successful completion. The material is covered using a mix of presentation methods to ensure that people can become comfortable with the concepts and use of tools.

Throughout each training session, significant time is dedicated to work on a project to help the organization. This process allows participants to apply their learning immediately while making progress on their projects to deliver results for their organization.

Participants will define the project in detail and develop a profound knowledge of the current state to enable them to develop the best solutions for the issue they are addressing. During the project work, they will work with other subject matter experts to help gain a deeper understanding; collecting data to move from assumption to fact as they conduct their analysis.

For organizations wishing to certify their people as Green Belts in Lean Six Sigma, we have a certification process which includes a certification exam of the knowledge base in the workshop, as well as a review of the project results and process to show how the tools were applied to an actual business need.


80 Hours (10 Days)

The program is typically executed in ten days of actual workshop time with additional time to work on the projects.

The workshop schedule can be adjusted to meet the needs of the participants (and the needs of the projects). In some cases splitting the program into two 5-day sessions is most appropriate with time between sessions to allow for utilizing the tools to move the project forward. In other situations, clients have found that facilitating five 2-day sessions makes more sense. Integris will work with you to determine a schedule that works best to help you achieve your objectives.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Integris Performance Advisors since 2012, when I engaged them to provide Lean Six Sigma Training during a LSS Deployment at Radian Guaranty, a Mortgage Insurance firm in Philadelphia PA.  Integris delivered Green Belt Certification Training and Coaching services to over 25 project teams with outstanding results including over $15M in measured financial returns.  The training and coaching were very well regarded by both our students and the organization’s leadership. They delivered technical information in an understandable and practical way.  Integris served as a trusted business partner, providing flexibility and understanding when necessary in working with us.  I highly recommend Integris for your Lean Six Sigma needs.”

Vice President

Enterprise Continuous Improvement