Lean Coaching

The ideas in class make sense, but how does this become my practice?

We have all heard wonderful concepts, tools and ideas in a meeting or training that we were excited to start using until we actually tried. Lean is learned by doing. We can hear a concept, but until we are actually trying to use it ourselves, it is all theory.

Like any great athlete, we need a coach who can provide feedback and a sounding board as we try to establish new habits. We learn and improve by practicing, but without feedback and coaching to reinforce new skills and help to fine tune our practices, we limit the amount of improvement that we can accomplish. We also risk building bad habits if there is not someone to provide a mirror to how we are doing. Enhance the learning of your leaders by getting them the best coaching.

Additionally, develop your people to become coaches themselves, furthering the growth of the staff in applying lean concepts and tools to move your organization forward.