Leader Standard Work


  • Understand the role of the lean leader in helping to create a healthy lean culture
  • Gain a new perspective on how you can help drive your team’s Operational Excellence efforts to new levels of success.
  • Learn to apply the proven tools of Continuous Improvement, including Pulse Point Maps, Visual Management, Process Performance Boards, Leader Process Walks, Huddle Meetings, Task Boards and A3 Problem Solving.



What drives people to do what they do?

“Those who do the work should improve the work” is a common mantra in Lean Cultures. As such, it makes sense to have front line employees take ownership for improvement projects. So where does that leave supervisors, managers and other leaders who aren’t directly involved with the daily work of delivering products or services? Leaders must use Continuous Improvement concepts to improve the work that they do.

Leaders’ responsibility is simple: Transform the organization! To do this, leaders must ask themselves, “What should I be doing differently to lead in a Lean Culture?” and “How can I evolve my own personal behaviors to align my actions with the principles of a Lean Management System?” The good news is there are proven leadership practices that support the development of a Lean Culture. Taken together, they are called Leader Standard Work. Leader Standard Work is a set of actions, tools and behaviors incorporated into the daily work of leaders at every level in the organization: from Front Line Supervisors, to Middle Managers, to Senior Leadership.

The concept of “Standard Work” is ubiquitous in a Lean environment. It refers to the documented and current best way to do a certain task, procedure or process. Leader Standard Work follows this same idea. They are proven current best practices for leaders to drive transformational thinking and behavior throughout an organization. Using Leader Standard Work, leaders install and follow a management system to make processes and problems more visible, keeping improvement efforts at the forefront of worker’s focus.

Integris resources can serve as coaches for your organization as leaders begin using these tools to continue their development and application.


16 Hours (2 Days)

Methods of delivery

Classroom, individual coaching and coaching of coaches internal to an organization.