Process Walks (Gemba Walks)


  • Gather profound knowledge of the process
  • Understand what impacts the process and where there are opportunities for improvement
  • Lay the groundwork for further improvement efforts

What actually happens in the process and how do things break?

To truly understand a process involves going to see it in a spirit of inquiry. Using a structured methodology a team can go to the source, observe and interview people in the process to develop a profound knowledge of a process. Maps are merely a representation of the terrain, what you might find on a map pales in comparison to experiencing a destination. Conducting a Process Walk allows you to experience the terrain in a way that a map built in a conference room simply can not do.

New discoveries await as a team of people explores the process and asks questions in the spirit of inquiry to understand challenges, opportunities and roadblocks in the current state. It is an opportunity to learn how our process limits our people and makes it more challenging for them to accomplish great work.


Varies depending on the complexity and potential multiple locations of a process.