Customer Value Delivery Maps


  • Build maps of key processes for the organization
  • Understand the requirements that customers have for each of your processes

How do all of your key processes fit together?

If you want to have people in your organization focus on the processes that create value for your customers, it requires some time and effort to identify and map those processes. Integris has created a quick, streamlined process to help your organization work through key questions in defining the critical processes for your organization.

Integris leads large teams of people involved through the processes in a working session to identify the core processes, key steps, understand the key customers, stakeholders and key metrics for the process in a highly interactive, structured environment. This workshop and process builds the framework for leading an organization from a process-based viewpoint. An invaluable help in moving an organization to see beyond the silos to the value they create for their customers and stakeholders.


Frequently 1-2 days (Duration can be impacted by the complexity and number of core processes in an organization)