A3 Problem Solving


  • Build the problem-solving muscle of the organization
  • Develop scientific problem solving among team members

How do I get people to think about problems in a new, more proactive way?

Integris can walk your people through the scientific problem solving process using the framework of the A3.  People will learn the scientific problem solving process by applying it to a current issue they face in their work. They will walk through identifying the current status, collecting information about potential causes and developing countermeasures.


Varies based on implementation for the organization. Various models include a working session format with breaks to allow people to go the Gemba to gather information or a phased approach presenting major phases of the process spaced with time for attendees to collect data and report back.


“We engaged Integris to help our 70 operational supervisors embrace Lean Thinking and use the A3 process to drive business process improvements across our Division. This type of experiential training and coaching was a new experience for our supervisors and the feedback received was extremely positive. Because training and coaching was delivered in such a relatable and hands-on way, supervisors left equipped to implement tangible improvements in their own units as well as join other Lean Six Sigma teams working on broader cross-functional efforts. Several supervisors were promoted into other leadership positions following their successes resulting from this training. Without hesitation, I will use Integris again because of the caliber of the Integris team, their responsiveness to our needs, and the training consistently provided.”

Charnell W.

Manager, Operational Learning Transformation