Leadership Development Strategy

Are You Ready to Achieve Extraordinary?

The Integris team has helped hundreds of organizations plan and execute their leadership development programs. It is our belief that far too often “leadership development” becomes a just a workshop. If your goal is to help the leaders in your organization adopt new, more effective behaviors for the long-term, workshops are likely part of the solution but are thoroughly insufficient on their own.

Developing new leadership skills is no different than learning any other skill, in that people must progress along the same basic path, from Awareness of the opportunity and an Understanding of situation, to Experimentation with the new behaviors. Only through this Experimentation (which will result in both short term successes and failures) can people eventually reach the other side: Adoption of new behaviors that will last.

If you are planning your organization’s leadership development program, we can help. By sharing examples of what has and has not worked in other situations, and by partnering with you to brainstorm new ideas for your unique scenario, we can accelerate the success of your efforts. Why not benefit from the experience of someone who has “been there and done that?”

“We built our 12-month leadership development program around The Leadership Challenge® and the Leadership Practices Inventory® 360. We started with the 2-day TLC workshop and then scheduled a range of activities, including one to one coaching, virtual learning sessions, a follow-up LPI and a wonderful graduation event. The program is delivering fabulous results as our leaders embrace new behaviors associated with The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. We could not have gotten here without our partnership with Integris. Special thanks to Dan, Tom, Ed, Colleen and Brett.”