Leadership Coaching

What do the best performers have in common?

They benefit from the support of a coach who can provide meaningful feedback and foster a deeper introspection. Without a trusted coaching partner to help us gain and utilize feedback about our current performance, development is elusive. It is challenging to understand how our behavior is impacting our ability to lead without clear and honest feedback.

Integris’ leadership coaching staff has worked with thousands of individuals to plan and execute a personal development journey. Using the structure of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and the valuable information provided by the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI 360), an Integris coach is an invaluable resource to any leader who truly wants to adopt a new set of more effective behaviors.

Integris coaches can serve to elevate the high potential leaders in you organization. They also support leaders who are challenged in their current role and need to grow to be able to lead effectively for the organization.

The depth of experience in both coaching and leading makes an Integris coach a valuable source of counsel and reflection. Integris coaches provide the expert guidance and support to help any leader pursuing personal growth as a leader and increasing their performance in their role. Each Integris coach takes a profound interest in the people they work with, frequently staying in touch even after a coaching engagement to hear about the new levels of success that are being attained as a result of the growth of the leader.

While Integris coaches have worked with individual leaders for a deeply personal impact, they have also worked with organizations coaching multiple people in the same organization, to lift the skills of a broader group at the same time. In the broader coaching role for an organization, or a unit in an organization, while the individual leaders are developing there is the added benefit of the leadership team growing it’s capabilities more broadly. There is a synergy as multiple leaders begin to apply what they learn in coaching to the day-to-day work with their teams.

To elevate the game of the leaders in your organization, make sure they have the coaching to win championships.