The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training

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  • Increase your comprehension of the research behind The Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders® model
  • Develop skills for understanding and deciphering The Leadership Practices Inventory® assessment
  • Gain understanding through practice by using the Facilitator’s Guide to plan workshops, classes and learning events
  • Utilize experiential activities to explain and emphasize The Five Practices and make them come alive to participants
  • Receive instruction on how to facilitate a powerfully effective The Leadership Challenge® Workshop
  • Gain experience that allows you to become an advocate for increased and improved leadership practices in your organization

Are you ready to develop champions?

If you have ever had the ability to see the influence of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® for yourself and you are eager to share that experience with others, facilitator training will allow you to develop the tools necessary to be a champion for other leaders within your organization.

The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training Workshop is a comprehensive, hands-on, two-day program that will help you learn how to guide others in the application of the Five Practices so that they can become more effective leaders and advocates for leadership development. You’ll immerse yourself in The Leadership Challenge process and create a tailored strategy to implement the Five Practices that you can then take back to your organization or to your consulting clients. You will spend time honing your skills, rehearsing the facilitation of a workshop, and receiving valuable feedback and coaching.  This will assist in improving the efficacy of your delivery and the outcome for your future participants. You’ll also dive deep into The Leadership Challenge Workshop Facilitator’s Guide, which includes customizable scripts, presentation slides, audio clips and forms, sample agendas, the Participant Workbook, and more.

Before the workshop, you will need to complete specific pre-work assignments. At a minimum, you will need to have successfully participated in a recent The Leadership Challenge Workshop, and completed the Leadership Practices Inventory® and received feedback on the results. You will also select one of the workshop modules and be prepared to present it to your fellow participants.

What you will experience

  • Dive into the background of the workshop, reviewing and understanding the design, the use of experiential exercises to deepen learning, the ongoing research in the model, and the foundational theory behind the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders®
  • Reveal your own leadership behaviors and tendencies as you analyze your Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI®), and learn more thoroughly how to interpret results for yourself and others so that you can create a development plan
  • Study success stories and case studies of previous workshop participants, other facilitators and Certified Masters who have implemented The Leadership Challenge in different ways to accomplish wonderful results for organizations and leaders they work with
  • Facilitate at least one component of the workshop and gain valuable feedback from fellow participants and your instructors to improve your competence and confidence with the material
  • Explore vital workshop modules presented by others, receive and provide feedback to help you each develop your skills
  • Practice both conducting and debriefing experiential activities with other participants
  • Participate with like-minded leaders and facilitators in a small-group environment devised to maximize engagement, feedback and learning
  • View and discuss selected videos

What you will take away

  • Extensive insight and in-depth capability with The Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders® model
  • Comprehensive understanding of the elements of a successful leadership development encounter to use in designing future work with your organization or clients
  • Guidelines, strategies, and ideas for modifying The Leadership Challenge Workshop and specific exercises to meet the specialized needs of different participant groups
  • Certificate of Completion as a Qualified Trainer for The Leadership Challenge Workshop
  • You will be qualified to apply to become a Certified Leadership Challenge Facilitator
  • The formal Certification process is by application and requires approximately two years continuing your journey to develop mastery with the material