Congratulations Evans Kerrigan!

From Dan Schwab:

It is with great happiness that I present Evans Kerrigan as a new member of the community of Certified Masters of The Leadership Challenge.  

Over the past few years that Evans and I have worked together, I have gotten to know him as a focused, effective, and good-natured professional dedicated to the advancement of leaders everywhere.  As we have taught open enrollment and in-company programs, facilitator training, and other curriculum together, I have been continually impressed with Evans’ ability to create a fun and effective learning environment.  Not only are his presentation skills top notch, he is also fluent in facilitating discussion and bringing everyone in the room into the conversation without judgment, offering just the right touch of dry wit to round out a masterful presence.

Evans brings a unique background to the work of developing leaders.  As a navigator in the Air Force, he learned the essentials of “staying on course”.  Through a subsequent long and varied history of guiding organizational change efforts, he has honed his ability to bring the best of the curriculum to bear in helping his clients not just manage change, but to be at the forefront of leading others into the unknown with confidence.

Evans is also certified as a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.  You could say he is the “King of Challenge the Process”.  In fact, it was his recognition that process improvement efforts would likely be more successful when couched in the language of leadership that led him to choose The Leadership Challenge as the appropriate vehicle to do so.  Since he and his partners sought TLC support five years ago, Evans has combined both bodies of knowledge into an approach that works to the great benefit of his clients.

Evans is also great fun to work with.  Always thoughtful about the best way to proceed with a client, he is a stimulating and creative without being demanding or dogmatic.  I invite you to welcome Evans into our Community, as I am sure you will enjoy working with him as much as I have.

On behalf of Jim Kouzes, Barry Posner, and Wiley, I extend congratulations to Evans on this milestone. I’d also like to thank Dan Schwab for serving as his primary mentor. Evans’ accomplishment will be acknowledged at our annual Community Celebration on Friday, June 16 th in San Diego.

Marisa Kelley
Brand Manager
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Dan Schwab

Dan Schwab is a Leadership educator, coach, Certified Master and a 30-year veteran working with The Leadership Challenge. He works primarily with clients in higher education, non-profit, and government.