Need better ideas and greater buy-in? Play ball!

A simple communication tool that works “No one ever asks for my opinion around here. It’s like they don’t think I have anything useful to add.” “Sure, they ask for our ideas. But they already know what they want to do. They are just checking the box.” “Communications around here stink. Sharing ideas is like…

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Driving Engagement in State Government

We have all heard of the importance of Employee Engagement in our organizations. Integris has had the opportunity to work with a wonderful client who does not just understand this imperative, but has been able to positively change the level of engagement in their organization in a major way over the last couple of years.…

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The Power of Clarity

When I work with clients on managing changes to their processes and cultures, I more often than not run into some of the same issues over and over again. One of those is issues has to do with the lack of clarity they create around roles. Even when people are aligned around a goal or…

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The Power of COPQ

Glacier Tunnel

One of the basic concepts discussed in Lean Six Sigma is the idea of the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ). It is a simple sounding concept that possesses power.

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Inspire Teams with Why


Spending just a few minutes on the “why” for your team may provide a huge difference in the type of cooperation and collaboration received.

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