Communicating with each DiSC® style

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A quick reference guide for communicating with each of the four main DiSC® styles. We all want to know that we matter…that others see us for the unique individuals we are and value the contributions we make. And it’s not just anecdotal. There’s plenty of evidence connecting recognition and engagement—from Gallup to research behind the powerful LPI® (Leadership…

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10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Everything DiSC®

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#1 −Do DiSC styles change over time? Each DiSC style is influenced by a variety of factors such as life experiences, education, and maturity. Therefore, as you gain skills and knowledge, the results of your Everything DiSC Workplace assessment may change as well. It’s not likely you will see anything significant over the short term,…

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Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Sample Report

Everything DiSC® is one of the most widely-used assessments in the world, with over 45 million users in 75 countries. Based on noted physiological psychologist and author William Marston’s 1928 groundbreaking work in the area of personality theory, the powerful DiSC® framework and tools have been rigorously researched for over four decades. Today, Everything DiSC®solutions…

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