Celebrate Your Daily Leadership Moments

I recently re-watched a great TED Talk by Drew Dudley called Everyday Leadership. If you haven’t yet seen it, it’s 6 minutes worth watching! Here’s the punch line of his very funny story…sometimes the most meaningful impact you’ll have on someone’s life is something you don’t even remember doing.

I won’t spoil the ending, but Drew shares a humorous account of how a fairly random but friendDrew_Dudley.pngly action he took years earlier had an enormous impact on a stranger’s life. It’s a meaningful parable we should all keep in mind.

Being a leader is not about occupying the corner office. Being a leader is not about having the most impressive title. No. Being a leader is about putting yourself out there in service to others.

You never know who you might meet at just the right time at just the right place. So the more frequently you can exhibit behaviors associated with being a leader, the more impact you are likely to have on the world…whether you ever know it or not!


Brett Cooper