Developing Leaders

Nonprofit Leadership Development Under Tough Conditions — The Continuing Story of the San Diego Humane Society and Integris

Our work with the San Diego Humane Society has lead to powerful nonprofit leadership development opportunities, opportunities that help animals and people alike, like the woman and her cut hugging pictured here.

Integris is proud to be engaged in a purpose-driven, organizational development project that has partnered us with the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), a nonprofit organization with a 100-year history that is undergoing a profound change. This is our second blog post describing this incredible, ongoing, evolving partnership. It’s something that has allowed us to…

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Bringing The Leadership Challenge to Southern Mexico

Teaching leadership is always a joy for me, and never more so than when I feel that I am providing real value for people engaged in community development efforts. My latest opportunity to do this came in the fall of 2017 when I was able to deliver The Leadership Challenge® to just such a worthy…

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Lessons from History: George Washington – The Leader We Needed

In this installment of the Learning from History series, I studied George Washington. George Washington, widely thought of as the “Father of our Country”, was an accomplished leader who helped our fledgling republic earn its independence. He helped launch America through his actions. I found, as with most great leaders, that The Five Practices of…

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Learning from History: Florence Nightingale

In this next installment of the Learning Leadership from History series, I cover Florence Nightingale. I became interested in seeing how certain leadership practices came to light throughout history.  As the very proud son of a nurse, I wanted to look at how Florence Nightingale created such change in the nursing profession. I found, as…

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Democratizing Team Development & Leadership Training

In my world of organizational development, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a well-respected organization with deep roots in their community undergo a significant evolution. That’s exactly what’s happening at the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), as this 138-year-old pillar of the San Diego community takes over the animal services contracts for six nearby cities…

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Learning from History: Harriet Tubman and Leadership

Leaders show their strength when the challenges are large and the dreams are big In The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner share 30+ years of research and stories about leaders at their personal best. In the best-selling book, the authors outline 30 behaviors and Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Model the Way Inspire…

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Seeing Your Leadership Weaknesses (and Strengths) from Every Angle

Mirror Angles

Have you ever taken a 360-degree assessment? If so, do you remember your trepidation the first time you did? I do. Six years ago, I was invited to attend a short workshop based on The Leadership Challenge that included the Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360-degree assessment. After filling out the online assessment for myself, indicating how…

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Is this a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dojo or a Leadership Academy?

We have the pleasure of having a wonderful Jiu-Jitsu school in our community and there are many lessons there that are valuable for everyone. McHugh’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, led by Professor Pete McHugh, is a rapidly growing community of excited, happy people who are learning and developing their skills in this art. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a…

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