Communicating with a D (Dominance) Personality Style

Green Palm Fronds

They Get it Done! Do you work with a D—someone who tends toward the Dominance style on the Everything DiSC Workplace® model? Or are you a D yourself? Even if you have a secondary style—Di (with influence) or DC (with Conscientiousness) you will likely relate to most of the D style characteristics. Understanding the motivators,…

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What’s the evidence that Everything DiSC Workplace® really works?

People Talking at a Bar

40 years of research and proven results With an uncompromising focus on empirical research, each Everything DiSC® assessment has passed—actually, surpassed—the strictest testing standards to ensure its validity, reliability, usability, and effectiveness. The application-specific Everything DiSC Workplace model, for example, is grounded in over 40 years of DiSC® research and knowledge and using the latest advancements…

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How can I help reduce conflict in my workplace?

Foxes in Conflict

Learn to turn uncomfortable encounters into productive ones We’ve all been there, trying to get the team that can’t go more than a week without some type of uproar back on track. Or how about the two senior managers who just don’t get along and butt heads at every turn? And they’re the ones responsible…

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Seeing Your Leadership Weaknesses (and Strengths) from Every Angle

Mirror Angles

Have you ever taken a 360-degree assessment? If so, do you remember your trepidation the first time you did? I do. Six years ago, I was invited to attend a short workshop based on The Leadership Challenge that included the Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360-degree assessment. After filling out the online assessment for myself, indicating how…

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The Best Boss I Ever Had…

Integris helps you inspire your team to new heights of success and improve the performance of your leadership — access our experts today.

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