Are you the source of workplace dysfunction?

It’s a question we all should be asking ourselves…really asking ourselves. The truth is, most of us don’t want to be jerks in the workplace, but too many of us just don’t take the time to recognize our bad behaviors.

  • Do you spend more time focusing on your own personal objectives, versus the goals of your team or organization?
  • Do you exhibit the negative behavioral tendencies that are naturally and predictably associated with your personality style (think Everything DiSC or MBTI)?
  • Do you communicate too much via email, text and social media, thus losing “the compassion triggered by eye contact?”
  • If you are surrounded by “backstabbing and selfishness,” do you sometimes find yourself acting in that way too?

In his recent McKinsey Quarterly article, Stanford professor Robert Sutton suggests we all look in the mirror to consider what we are doing to contribute to the dysfunction in our workplace. If you want a gut check, I suggest you give it a read. Teamwork shouldn’t be so elusive afterall.


Brett Cooper