Avoid the Fight: Don’t Get Lost in Your Own Side of a Situation

stuck in our own side of a given situation

I think we’ve all run into these situations where someone is asking us a question or requesting information, but maybe not providing enough information for us to go on. It can be really frustrating, right? And truthfully, we’ve probably all been on the other side of that too – asking for something, without enough information, just assuming that the other person is going to know what we’re talking about. And we get frustrated on that side too.

The lack of good communication when making requests can lead us down a path of unhealthy conflict where things may escalate but nothing productive comes from the interaction. How we approach these interactions is key in how we’re going to move forward and get the information that we need.

Think before you speak

We don’t need to be defensive or annoyed about a situation. Sometimes taking a small step back to think about what you’re going to say in order to get the information you’re seeking can mean the difference between getting the information you need and getting into a argument with the other person.

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Samantha Kerrigan

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