Need better ideas and greater buy-in? Play ball!

A simple communication tool that works “No one ever asks for my opinion around here. It’s like they don’t think I have anything useful to add.” “Sure, they ask for our ideas. But they already know what they want to do. They are just checking the box.” “Communications around here stink. Sharing ideas is like…

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Why good efforts fail in execution: five cascading communications drop-offs to avoid

The conference room. The classroom. The living room. No matter where you look, you may notice poor communications. That can include a lack of communications, poorly crafted communications that don’t take the audience into account, and communications that are far too one-way. It’s frustrating. Poor communications from the top of an organization can be more…

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Leadership Teams Are Team #1

How to recognize your top team to improve workplace culture Every member of the leadership team is an expert. They know their lines of business. They hire and develop their work teams. They inspire their people to greater and greater personal and professional accomplishments. And they fail, time and time again. Why is the leadership…

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3 Ways to Overcome Obstacles to Achieving Your Team’s Vision

People want to follow leaders who have a vision. Although team members may respect what Yogi Berra contributed to baseball, they aren’t interested in a leader who leads the way forward using Yogi’s famous quote, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Yet even the best vision for your team’s work is…

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How to Boost Employee Morale: What’s a Manager to Do?

7 runners engaged in a team huddle, with arms extended and hands stacked in the middle — a suggestion for how to boost employee morale.

When we talk about how to boost employee morale, it’s critical to understand what actually we mean by morale. It’s difficult to improve what we cannot clearly define. Morale doesn’t perfectly equate to motivation, but to a much broader and sweeping attitude about the work we do. The first thing that’s important to understand is…

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Don’t let inertia stand in the way of progress

Circle of Sparks Around a Man

Everyone gets into a rut… We become so comfortable in our relationships—workplace and otherwise—that we start taking them for granted. This is the best we’ll get, we think. We’ve reached the pinnacle of our effectiveness working together. There’s no more room for improvement…..NOT! We can always learn new ways to improve, to work more collaboratively…

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Communicating with the C (Conscientiousness) Personality Style

Yellow Flower Petals

They get it done right! If you need someone to double check your work, to ensure that every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed, look no further than your colleague who is a C or Conscientiousness style on the Everything DiSC Workplace® model. That includes those who have secondary styles such as CS and…

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Communicating with the S (Steadiness) Personality Style

Blue Net

They keep the peace! The meeting is getting tense. People are talking over each other. And then someone calls a time-out and says, “can we just step back for a minute? I think we have some common ground we’re missing.” Chances are that person will be an S (for Steadiness) on the Everything DiSC Workplace®…

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Communicating with an i (influence) Personality Style

Red Tiles

i Styles Keep it Lively! People communicate differently based on their styles and preferences. And taking the Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment is an important first step to help you better understand why you find you really click with some teammates while you have to work harder to connect with others. For example, consider the lively i…

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Communicating with a D (Dominance) Personality Style

Green Palm Fronds

They Get it Done! Do you work with a D—someone who tends toward the Dominance style on the Everything DiSC Workplace® model? Or are you a D yourself? Even if you have a secondary style—Di (with influence) or DC (with Conscientiousness) you will likely relate to most of the D style characteristics. Understanding the motivators,…

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Seeing Your Leadership Weaknesses (and Strengths) from Every Angle

Mirror Angles

Have you ever taken a 360-degree assessment? If so, do you remember your trepidation the first time you did? I do. Six years ago, I was invited to attend a short workshop based on The Leadership Challenge that included the Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360-degree assessment. After filling out the online assessment for myself, indicating how…

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The Best Boss I Ever Had…

Integris helps you inspire your team to new heights of success and improve the performance of your leadership — access our experts today.

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