About Us


Our Values

TRUST. PASSION. SERVICE. These our organizational values. As you interact with us, it will be our goal to build collaborative, trust-based relationships, where every member of our team blends passion and expertise to serve your desire to build a healthy organization!


Our Purpose

Integris is a purpose-driven organization, founded to expand the existence of healthy organizations and great places to work. All our services are designed to drive innovative thinking, meaningful results and personal growth. The concepts shown below represent the foundations on which our business is built.


Our Philosophy

The concepts shown below represent the foundations on which our business is built.




Satisfying the needs of these three groups are at the center of organizational success (no matter which is prioritized as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd). While some believe business is a “zero sum game” and that gains to one group must come at the expense of another, Integris takes a different approach. We believe that the needs of each of these groups are best satisfied when the needs of all of these groups are satisfied. As they say, “all boats are lifted with a rising tide.”




Simply, engaged employees can be defined as individuals who feel a personal connection to the success of their organization, and are willing to contribute discretionary effort for the benefit of the team. Research shows that organizations with high engagement are more profitable, more productive and deliver higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, high engagement environments produce better quality products and services, have fewer safety incidents and lower turnover and absenteeism rates.




These are factors that work together to create environments within which employee engagement soars, customer needs are exceeded and shareholder objectives are achieved. Learn more here.


Our Commitment

  • We’ll be your partner, not just a “vendor.” Your needs and goals will always come first.
  • We’ll take a holistic approach, always considering the broad impact of our recommendations.
  • We’ll help you build self-sufficiency by transferring knowledge and equipping your internal team wherever we can.
  • We’ll have fun together, because while building organizational health is hard work, it’s also very rewarding.