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Create and implement a strategy to increase employee engagement and organizational health.

Think about what your organization could gain by having:

Better Leaders That People Want to Follow

Research says people don't leave companies, they leave bad managers.

More Collaborative and Productive Teams

Teams that work better together are happier and more productive.

Workplace Relationships That Really Work

One of the greatest stressors of employees is conflict with those around them.

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Healthy Organizations, Better Results

Integris Performance Advisors

Integris has a single goal — helping you improve your business’ leadership, team performance and results. That means we focus on strategy and people. We work with organizations, teams, and leaders at all levels, helping them reach their potential and perform at higher levels than they thought possible.

We do all this through our unique implementation of proven methodologies and programs, including:

      The Leadership Challenge®

      Everything DiSC®

      The Five Behaviors®


Only 30% of U.S. employees are fully engaged at work*


71% of respondents say focusing on individual teams or workgroups are the best places to cultivate culture, fluidity, agility and diversity**

How does your organization measure up?


We apply this results-driven philosophy to your leadership, team and individuals, ensuring that your organization doesn’t simply become a better place to work, but actually begins increasing performance, becoming more efficiently and effectively.

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Simply put, we believe that healthy organizations achieve better results, that employee engagement is a critical foundation upon which healthy organizations are built, and that, by adopting proven, reliable, valid organizational development assessments, products, and services, we can help any organization become the version of themselves they’ve always envisioned.

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Integris is a purpose-driven organization founded to expand the existence of healthy organizations and great places to work.

We are hyper-focused on collaboration and building trust-based relationships with our clients. Every member of our team blends passion and expertise in their work. We are a fun and energetic group dedicated to helping you improve the performance of your organization, team, and leadership.

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We focus on the major drivers of success for organizations by developing your leaders, helping your teams become more cohesive, and building higher levels of emotional intelligence throughout your workforce.

Tools like Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors®, and The Leadership Challenge® are foundational to achieving business outcomes. We help you to combine these tools to most effectively address the unique needs of your entire organization.

We are hyper-focused on helping human resources, organizational development, and operations leaders stay up to date on the latest developments in tools and technologies that you can use to improve the functioning and success of your entire organization.

It is our goal to build a collaborative, trust-based relationship, where every member of our team blends passion and expertise to serve your desire to build a healthier organization!

We look forward to serving you.

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